Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day Eight

After having such a great day yesterday today was a bit of a drag, everything I did today took so much effort and my body and mind were fighting me on it all day. But the good news is that I got all my goals completed and I do I ever feel the burn.

Started of the day earlier than normal and ate some fruit for breakfast, I am still struggling with this breakfast thing. I think I am going to start making shakes in hopes to curb my honest dislike for breakfast food that are not IHop Pancakes. I did some research and there are so many options that I may try a few to see if they are worth the hassle. Anyways I got my 2 mile walk in early and I was not walking with my normal pep in my step so once I notices I picked up a notch and got done within my average time. Once I completed that I laid in my bed until I got the urge to check my email, I was very surprised to see so many positive messages. I am an avid Sports Fan and with that I love to collect sports cars and memorabilia.

I frequent the Blowout Cards forum which you can find here: and yesterday I shared my story of receiving a response from Green Bay Packers HOF Player James Lofton, with the story I went into details on my weight loss journey. Initially I recieved a few good luck comments which were awesome and then over night I got so many wonderful comments and helpful tips. I just feel overwhelmed with the amount of support I receive, not just from my family but also the communities that I am a part of. Here is the thread on Blowout if you interested in reading the comments:

So after getting a good douse of positive energy I decided to get my work out in the pool done so I could go out and get a sandwich from Subway, I decided to eat half of it for Lunch and then the other half for dinner. One thing that Mr. Lofton told me that I am immediately applying is not eating after 7pm. I am normally used to eating around that time so it will be a struggle to not do that anymore and eat my dinner before that. I got it done today with eating my lunch right at about 1pm and them my dinner at 530pm. I got the Turkey Bacon with Avocado Sandwich with all the veggies that had available. I didnt think half would fill me up but it did both at lunch and at dinner. I am doing my best to eat as many veggies an fruits that I can and I think its because of those two that I dont feel the need to eat sweets. It did take my stomach about a week to get used to the new diet and thank godness for that because I did not look forward to using the restroom during the adjustment!

Again my mother joined me on our walk and she talked about a few co-workers of hers that were sick and one that had passed away. I hate having those talk, I never did well with the idea that one day my mom or family might not be around, and even as I type this I have so many thoughts that are running though my mind. I remember when I was a kid, probably about 10 when I realized that death was real and how it could take those that I love away. I have been blessed to not have to deal with that outside of the death of my God Father which was overwhelming within itself. I do my best to curb these thoughts and just focus on the task at hand. I will get healthy and get to LA and make something out of my self so I can help my family and hopefully give my mom the proper retirement she deserves.The sun was beating down pretty good and todays walked seemed a little longer but we got it done and I think my mom was a little happier about it than I was. She seemed pretty tired so I told her that I would give her the weekend off and she smiled.

On monday I will begin to lift weights in effort to tone my muscle as I lose the weight so I dont get all flabby when I am done. I have in min the figure I want and after asking around and doing research I came to conclusion that waiting to to lift weights was not a good idea. I am thinking of substituting the pool with the weight but we will see, the jogging in the pool have left my feet a bit raw and I dont want nothing preventing me from completing my 4 mile walks per day.

I am starting to get these workout and my blog done earlier which is nice because then I can watch a few episodes of 30 Rock. If you have not watched it please do, Tina Fey is so damn funny as is Alec Baldwin...Its on Netflx.

Just got to keep it in my mind....Never Settle!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day Seven

This week has been one of the best ever, I have never felt so dedicated to something that would benefit me more than anyone else. The support that I have received has been tremendous and I truly believe that I can accomplish my goal of losing a significant amount of weight and all the other goals I have. I didn't break once this week and I help the bar high which is great because I do not intend on taking a step backwards in my efforts.

I started today feeling great, I woke up earlier than other day this week so I got ready and headed out for my walk knowing my sister would have breakfast ready when I got back. Two miles is seeming to be not much of a challenge anymore but I will continue to do it for another week before adjusting it. I handled my walk in about the average time and then did some chores around the house. A little after I finished Breakfast was ready and I was loving every bit of it.

Here is what I had:

Chilaquiles Verde
480 Calories

Mexican Rice (.5 Cup)
100 Calories

Beans (.5 Cup)
136 Calories

Lipton Green Tea with Citrus
100 Calories

I really love green salsa so this meal was amazing, and it was still early so I got to cleaning before I hit the pool. I decided to let my food settle and began to play around a little online, I've been hooked on my twitter account for a couple of days now and I dont see that changing for awhile. I have gotten so much support from there and that has made a big difference in my approach to losing the weight.

I hit the pool before noon and got going on my work out, I started to feel pain under my shirt, yes I still swim with a shirt on. I asked my sister what she thought it was because my areola and nipple where hurting bad, turns out they got irritated by my shirt rubbing on them over the last week. I have not gone swimming without a shirt in over 10 years so the idea of that was not sitting well with me. With my nephew in the pool, I felt even less comfortable but the idea of not getting my work out done was out of the question. So I took my shirt of and pushed through it and I felt better for it. Once the shirt was off, I didn't care anymore and my nephew didnt run in shear horror at the sight of his fat uncle. He is to sweet of a kid to over do that but the thought did cross my mind as I was wrestling with the idea of taking my shirt off. The rest of the work went great and we even swam some laps after my regular hour was over. I did put my shirt back on before getting out of the pool, I will face that hurdle another day.

Got my shower in and cleaned up a bit more but I was at a lost because this was the earliest I have ever finished my morning walk, chores, and swim. I decided to read a little but I fell asleep, because of that I missed lunch which I was not happy about but it was ok because I had a Steak Sandwich coming that would surely hold me over. When I received the container that held my sandwich I was super happy until I opened it and saw no fries. I looked up and my mother said, "No more fries". I laughed and loved that she was looking out for me and actually was happy the fries were not there because I would of ate each one. I destroyed that sandwich even though I was trying to take my time and decided shortly thereafter to get ready for my walk. Seems like I have a new walking buddy in my mom which is so great, she had the best stories that make the time fly by. She needed a little motivation to go because it was still early and the sun was still up in all its glory. Man did that sun kick out but, it felt good though because I like to sweat. At the pace my mom set we finished out two mile walk in record time with a lot of laughs had in between. We got home and I got cleaned up and was very satisfied by how the day went, I felt very accomplished.

I turned on my laptop to check my twitter account and I was so shocked to see who had tweeted a response back to my question. First let me say I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers Fan and when I was messing with my twitter account I decided to ask a few of those players if they had any tips. I even asked a few retired players just to see if they had anything that could help me in my journey and also to see if I was special enough to get a response back.

Here is what I got:

I received a response from Green Bay Packer HOF Legend James Lofton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked him if he had any tips and he wished me good luck and to take small steps and to not eat meals after 7pm. I can assure that I will include both of his suggestions in my journey and I felt like a school kid when I saw that he responded back to me. I mean this guy is an are a few of his accomplishments:

First Round Draft Pick (#6 Overall) in the 1978 NFL Draft

In his 16 NFL seasons, Lofton caught 764 passes for 14,004 yards and 75 touchdowns. He averaged 20 yards per catch or more in five seasons, leading the league in 1983 and 1984 with an average of 22.4 and 22 yards respectively. He also rushed 32 times for 246 yards and one touchdown.
NFL 1980s All-Decade Team
Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (2003)

This guy opened so many door and blazed a trail straight to The HOF...I feel very blessed that he took the time to send me a message and I can assure you that the fire burning inside me just got a little bigger!

One week is in the books, I have a weigh in on monday so I will work extra hard to get a really positive result.

Never Settle

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lakers Get A New Coach! *SHOWTIME*

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I am so happy to finally be able to say something good actually happened this off season after The Lakers missed out on all The Best Free Agents and then one of my all time Favorites in Pau Gasol left. We have our NEW COACH!

A few HOF Laker Greats should up to welcome Byron Scott  as our The New LA Lakers Coach! I think we finally have a chance at making our way back to the top. We have what it takes to play Defense and best of all we have THE BLACK MAMBA coming back from injury. I believe the players will buy into the system and get it done....SHOWTIME IS BACK!

Day Six

Another day thank began with a successful walk in the morning after a quick breakfast. I am really starting to get into a groove with these walks, I didn't think I would adjust this quick from going a good month of nothing but eating but I did. My legs are still sore but its nothing that will stop me from walking, fortunately they do not hurt so I can deal with a little soreness. I am so glad I purchased my athletic shoes even though they say in my closet for month because I refused to use them unless I was working out. I do my best to have everything I need for my morning walk ready prior to going to bed so that I can just get up, get dressed, eat, and walk. I like everyone im sure will look for any reason to not do something so I make sure to not give myself any reason. I did my walk in average time which is good because I do not want to regress on how much energy I put out, the last few days I have been getting it done a few minutes shorter then what my norm is. Here is what I are prior to my walk:

Honey Kix Cereal (1.2 Cups)
120 Calories

2% Milk (1 Cup)
122 Calories

I am doing better at getting up and having breakfast and I think the thing that is helping me the most is My Fitness Pal App on my phone; Seeing all my calories broken down and a daily basis make me realize that I need to eat breakfast in the am so I can eat the right amount of calories. I find that if I dont then I am so tired come mid day and that is just not a good feeling. It took me a few days to work it into my schedule but I think I got it figured out.

After I took care of my puppy I got ready for the pool, I was not looking forward to it and I was feeling pretty sore and to be honest my stomach was not dealing well with the change in diet to I was not feeling anything at the time. I still did it though and really pushed through it because I did not go into it yesterday due to the weather. I did my water jogging for and hour and swam some laps to add onto the workout which really make me feel good, I have never been able to push myself like this physically so its a good surprise. Having my music playing and taking a break during the transitioning of the songs is really a great way to feel the burn. There are times I will tell myself "OK Push hard for 3 Songs" and then the second to last one ends up beign Hotel California which is such a long song but I do not stop. I feel like its the universe helping me out, or there are times I am getting really tired and then a song like Eye of the Tiger comes on and gets me super pumped up. The hour is the pool is starting to fly by too so I must be really focused because I dont notice it.

After I got out, cleaned up and showered up I was feeling really really hungry so I decided to have Lunch a bit earlier than usual.  It consisted of 1 1/2 Cups of Red Seedless Grapes, Peanut Butter Big Chewy Bar, and a Green Tea. It was so good and about 600 Calories all together which was nice because I planned for a decent dinner. The rest of the day flew by as I was watching my new favorite show 30 Rock with Tina Fey from SNL. I am telling you one of the best choices I made was to start watching nothing but clever well written comedies because it keeps my spirit high and is such a good way to get my mind off my aching legs.

After going through a few episodes I began to do some more research to help me along the way in my journey and on twitter @Inside_Tracker sent me this article:

It made so much sense that I decided to seek some medical help in the area of checking my blood so look for the results of that in a future post. I was getting hungry again and I was regretting taking that early lunch so I got my dinner going prior to going on my walk. I had to go the left over rout today and decided to make a Burrito, check it out:

100% Whole Wheat Tortilla
130 Calories
Mexican Rice (.5 Cup)
100 Calories
Beans (.5 Cup)
136 Calories
Green Chili Scramble Eggs
340 Calories

Like I said in an earlier post, I am craving salt so the green chili really hit the spot and even though I was not looking forward to the Wheat Tortilla it was actually kinda good.  I washed it all down with some water which I am starting to like a lot more now that I have been clean from sodas and energy drinks for over a week. I still crave those everyday but the green tea and a cup of coffee every now and then help take the edge off.

My Mother decided to join me on my evening walk today which was awesome because we always have something new to talk about. She told me a great story of her being stung by bees, well great in how she told it...not great that she was stung by a bunch of bees. Before I knew it we where at the market which is a little further ahead of my 1 mile point picking up a bag of ice. We made it back in good time, I think it was because I was pushing it a little because I didn't want the bag of ice to turn into a bag of water before we got home. Its always fun to talk to my mom and bounce my ideas of her, she is always looking to support me and I am really blessed for that. Between her and my sister I think I have the best support team I could ask for during this trying time.

I am off for the night and I can wait for tomorrow night because that will be the end of Day Seven which will make one whole week of consistency. Im really excited!!!!

I love the idea of hard work paying off, I started this journey because I needed to get healthy but I am finding that I am learning so much more about myself. I am pushing myself to be better and with an amazing supporting cast I cant ever imagine way....NEVER SETTLE!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day Five

Today started out great, after getting in an early morning weigh and being surprised that I had already lost 6lbs. That got me motivated and I got dressed and headed out to my morning walk, I usually do 2 Miles even but I felt really good so I extended it by about half a mile...I was proud of myself for that. I got a quick breakfast in after finishing my walk and off I went to clean up and feed my dog. After that the day seemed to lag on, because of the weather I decided not to hit the pool which was ok because of my extended early walk and my evening walk later in the day. I found myself with a lot of time on my hand since  was used to being in the pool for almost two a day, if you add all the prep and clean up it took up pretty much my entire afternoon.

I was really hungry come lunch time and decided to treat myself, I went over to the local pollo loco and got a Mexican Cobb Salad which was really good. I have not drank soda or anytime of energy drinks since before I started this journey and I think I am finally over wanting every minute of the day. Dr. Pepper was my main venom when it came to soda and I had an unhealthy addiction to Monster Energy Drink, that stuff is so so so good! Ive been sticking to my Lipton Citrus Green Tea and Water and I am way better for it. I do have to add a few drops of a low cal tea mix into my water every now and then, I can drink it fine if its ice cold but if not it becomes a struggle.

I normally eat when I am bored or watching TV so I have been keeping myself busy by working on my blog, a few forums and expanding the number of people that follow me on twitter. I started to work on my twitter account which is @AP_Neversettle a few days ago just for fun but after going from 50 Followers to over 300 I can honestly say I am addicted. I have even had some great conversations with people from across the world which I didnt even know you could do on Twitter. I have been missing out, for whatever reason I was against the whole social media movement outside of my Facebook page but not I am starting to see the value of it and how much fun it can be. If you dont have a twitter I would recommend you check it out as soon as you can.  Anyways I have been plugging my blog now a bit more, I wanted to wait until I had a few days of posting before I started spreading the word. The last thing I needed was to being to spread the word only to have nothing on here for people to read. I am really trying to shape my life around dropping the weight and getting healthy so to do that I am expanding into areas that I am would normally forgo. I have been reading up and checking out other peoples experiences and how they did while trying to help motivate any and all that need it. Its nice to know that you are not in it alone and that there are so many communities that will offer a helping hand.

After spending a few hours online I decided it was time for a walk and I got going, the weather cleared up a bit which is nice and I hope it holds up. I really want to hit the pool hard tomorrow and make up for not getting in today. The walk was nice, it was fresh out and for the first time in the last week not many people where out. I kinda missed them to be honest but I could understand the dozens of things that could come up that prevented them from getting out, been there done that. I did see a few bike riders which got me thinking, I will need to do some research and see the benifits of bike riding and see if that will work for me. I am really open to anything that will help and I am looking forward to hitting the weights here in about over a week. After reading so many success stories I can honestly say I have never felt this good about losing weight and I hope the feeling never changes even though I know it will. My legs felt good after the walk, they have been pretty sore the last two days so I was happy it didn't get worse. I still feel the burn, especially when I get into my second mile of my walk which is weird because I always finish faster than I started.

I got home and cleaned up and got a quick bite to eat, I was kindly brought a steak and shrip soft taco and it was AMAZING!. It was just a little beans and rice and I put some Avocado Salsa on it, it was the perfect ending to what seemed a very long day. I have been really craving salty food which is a first for me so I do my best to eat savory food throughout the day to make sure to kill what I have been calling my salt tooth as apposed to my sweet tooth. All in all it was another successful day which will hopefully turn into successful week and so on. I am going through a but of stressful  transition, not all is going to plan since I relocated states but I am keeping my chin up and preparing for the worst but definitely expecting the best.

Off to bed I go.....

Morning weigh in went great!

I was really nervous because this is the part of dieting and working out that discourages me the most so seeing positive results early on really was great. When I started my journey to drop the weight I was 302.5lbs and feeling every ounce of it, I am now 296.4lbs in just 4 total days. I will definitely continue to push myself and will never settle on anything other than surpassing my goals and dreams.

Gonna go get a quick bite to eat and then off for my morning walk!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day Four

Oh my goodness where my legs sore this morning, I didn't think it would get this bad but after 3 straight days of exercise I can say that there was serious doubt that I would get up and going this morning. I rolled around in bed trying to get comfortable while keeping an eye on the clock and after about 30 minutes or so I finally summed up the courage to get myself going for the day. I skipped my morning walk and had breakfast with my family and them did some chores which really consisted of playing and feeding my almost year old Boxer Brett.

Here is Brett:

 The picture is from a few months ago when he and I were still in Nevada and we shared a bed. Since I moved in with my sister he has been relegated to being an outside dog which did take him awhile to adjust too. But in cleaning up after him, running him around and feeding him I started feeling a lot more energized which was just what I needed.

As I came in from feeding him I noticed that my sister had the kids all dressed and ready to go into the pool. I saw an opportunity to make up for missing my walking session and went for it. I got dressed and got the music playing and before I knew it was pumping my legs and getting a well deserved work out. Again having family in the pool and people to talk to made the session go really fast. Once I was done I still felt guilty for missing my walking session so I swam some more laps and jogged a little extra. I played a bit with the kids and after almost two hours I was off to take a shower.

I spent the rest of the day catching up On The Anaheim Angels Game after finding out my older brother was in attendance and because I am a huge fan. I also have a few players on my fantasy baseball team so it was covering a lot of areas for me. I tinkered around online for a bit and as I noticed that the sun was slowly fading away I decided to get my 2 mile walk in while I could still feel the sun on my skin.

My mother decided to join me on today's walk which was nice because I just love having my mother around. One thing that I really missed while I was out of the state working with at risk youth was the family time that I was sacrificing. I have been spending as much time as I can with my family without pestering them. She and I always have great conversations, they always range from out family to current events or even random thought like "look how pretty that house is". I planned on taking it easy but for being an older gal she really kept up and we finishing just a minute or so over what had been my regular pace. I was impressed to say the least and by the time we got home dinner was ready and so was I. One great thing about living with my sister and her family for the time being is that they are very conscious on what they eat. I was introduced to Ground Turkey as a substitute to Ground Beef and I was not to open to it at first but I have come to like it. Dinner was great as usual and for the first time since I started this journey I was in my room and typing my wonderful blog before 9pm. I expect to get some good sleep and I do look forward to my morning walk tomorrow.

My family has been a great support system for me, not just in the weight loss but for my entire life. I have made many working and non working decision and they have stuck by me through whatever. I really value our relationship and I expect nothing but success in my endeavors because that is what my family is about, they all come out ahead regardless of what ever obstacle may be in front of them. At a very early age I realized that I could be anything and everything I wanted but beyond that I realized that being a good person pays off and even though we have been through a lot you would never know it because we have learned to move on and be better. My mom was a single mother for the majority of our lives, she raised 3 girls an 3 boys and did a very impressive job, especially with the youngest one....which is me. :)

Well another day in the books an like always I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Never Settle

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5

Just thought I would share this because this show is so EPIC! There are only a few shows that I follow as close as I do Walking Dead and I just cant wait for this new season to begin in a few months. If you are not familiar then jump on Netflix an catch up because you are missing out!

Day Three

So I did my very best to try and convince myself to take the weekend off, I had been doing so well for a few days and I almost bought it. That was until I realized it was only Day Three and I had many many many more days to come. So I got myself up this morning and got ready for my first morning walk since I started my diet a few days ago. It was nice to get out early and get my body moving but I didnt realize how sore I was gonna be from the days prior. The sun was out in its full glory and it had me seating pretty early on but the path that I take has plenty of shade from the surrounding trees so it was nice. I spent the last 8 years avoiding the sun in the Nevada Desert so my skin is still adjusting but I am getting some good color so that is good. I did my normal 2 Mile walk and I did it in about 40 mins, when I got home breakfast was ready and this is what I ate:

Huevos Rancheros (1.5 Eggs + Tortilla + Green Salsa)
480 Calories
0 Calories

I kept it small because I new I was going for Lunch but it was filling and it tasted really really good.  After I was done with breakfast I got ready for my Water Jogging session in the pool and watched a little bit of SNL while I was at it. I am telling you I am hooked on this show, so damn funny! The time flew and before I new it I was in the pool getting my work out done. My sisters children and my brother in law where in the pool and with their conversation my work went by quick and I hung out for some time after doing some laps with my nephew. Best part of the swimming pool session is getting out and taking a nice shower. I cleaned up after my shower and got ready to go out and get some lunch with my mother. We have a local cafe we go to for breakfast a few blocks away and decided to see what they had going for lunch. I was surprised with the amount that was available but I finally decided on this:

Side Salad w/ Ranch
240 Calories
Steak Sandwhich
459 Calories
French Fries
236 Calories
2 Onion Rings
160 Calories
Raspberry Ice Tea (12oz)
70 Calories

IT WAS SO GOOD and really filling, and I have a new go to place for breakfast and lunch and will have to try it for dinner. Once I arrive at home I hung out for a bit, cleaned up and did some browsing on the internet. I found this wonderful community that I believe will assist me greatly in my journey. The site is and they are so well versed in the dieting and the variety of different ways to approach it. There is a lot of people from The UK and also from here in the States so you get a lot of different point of views. The really cool part is there off topic social area which allow for everyone to get to know each other using many different games and topics that allow us to get away from the weight loss mentality even if its just for a few seconds. I recommend everyone to check it out, my user name on there is apico04.

So once I was done online I hung out and took a brief nap I was ready for my evening walk. I was so sore and tired at this point and kinda regretting my nap but I was ready to get it done. I got dressed and was happy to see that it was a fresh evening with the sun still peaking out. Again I got my walk done in about 40 minutes and had plenty of company, the neighborhood was filled of joggers and walkers and even some families out and about. A lot of waving and smiles as I got it done which is nice and makes me enjoy the moment a lot more. I got home after my walk feeling really good, a lot better than before I started and I took a moment to get a snack in before it got to late. I kept it simple since I was still feeling good from the big lunch that I ate earlier in the day.

Medium Yellow Nectarine
70 Calories
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Big Chewy Granola Bar (Quaker)
180 Calories
Lipton Green Tea
100 Calories

I am doing my best to make sure I eat a balanced meal throughout the day but I have to admit it is pretty hard. I just keep on reminding myself that not eating is not an option and will eventually work against my goals. I am very happy with how this day has gone considering that I have increased my work out since I started two days ago, I am feeling it pretty good but compared to the last few time I attempted to lose the weight I feel the burn but not the pain. I will be following today's work out from now on, I think I will make some adjustments in a few weeks but I will see. I am always doing research to see what I can add or adjust to my work out or meal intake and I encourage you all to do the same.

Off to bed I go....Looking forward to tomorrow.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Day Two

I was so tired this morning!

Slept in and missed my morning walk but it was a very nice sleep. I cant remember the last time I slept through the night and well into the morning like that. I mean I have had those days where I pretended to sleep just so I didn't have to get out of bed but this time I was out cold. I didn't have to much motivation but that changed rather quickly when I took a minute to read what I posted last night. If all this blog does is motivate me to get my ass up and move then this was fully worth it and I recommend people to try it and see if it works for them.

I weighed my self in the morning and I came in at 302.5lbs which makes a lot of sense because I have been feeling horrible these last few weeks, really lethargic but I refused to open my eyes at the time to see what the glaring problem was.  After weighing myself and realizing how big of a task this was going to be, I got ready for my 1 Hour Water Jogging Session. Yesterdays had taken a toll on me which was nice since I had doubts that working out in the water would work, based on the way I felt....It worked. This time my 11 year old nephew joined my which made the time fly by much faster, we talked about random stuff and he attempted to do as much as he could before wandering off to do hand stands and hide from the bee that was chasing him. I hung out with him and stretched and splashed around for another 20 minutes or so after the hour was up and then I was out. The weather was nice and I did feel the burn without feeling any of the joint or lower back pain that I am used too.

After I took a nice shower I prepared a quick lunch for my nephew and myself. Here is what I had for lunch:

Ham & Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Bread (Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo and Mustard)
410 Calories
Kettle Cooked Lattice Cut Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt Chips
150 Calories
Lipton Green Tea w/ Citrus
100 Calories
57 Calories

It didn't seem like a lot but once I was done eating I was pretty full, I always add a sprinkle of salt, pepper, garlic salt to my vegis so I can get some more flavor out of them. I did a few dishes after eating and then I was off to do laundry. I am focused on staying as active as I can throughout the day so my bed room and chores have benefited greatly from this. I have also been watching SNL on my HULU, they have always been able to make me laugh and keep a smile on my face so given that getting healthy is on so fun....its nice to laugh and I do it as much as possible.

Before I new it the time had flown by and it was time for dinner. I was fortunate enough to snag some great leftovers that tasted so good it made me happy that I only had what was in the plate to eat. Here is what I had for Dinner:

Floor Tortilla (2)
Shrimp with Cheese Wrapped in Bacon (2)
200 Calories 
Refried Beans (Half Cup)
184 Calories
Mexican Rice (Half Cup)
100 Calories

I did my best to take my time and eat it slow but man it was gone in a flash. I finished up my laundry an watched some more Saturday Night Live. I began to get ready for my walk, I intended on waling both in the morning and the afternoon but I will have to work with just an evening walk. I got my new Nike shoes out that I bought over a month ago but refused to use them until I started walking for my cause. I was feeling a bit sore but nothing that was going to hold me back from achieving my goal. I had my headphones on ad good music playing, I had forgot my water so I ran back in to get it and then I was off. Here are the results:

I surprised myself as I did not thing that I would be able to complete the two mile walk with in the one hour I had allotted for the walk. I was using the Fit App on my Galaxy 5 and it informed you the majority of the information above every half mile which was nice and unexpected. I really got the app for the GPS portion that would help me  make sure that I was not cheating myself on the 2 Miles. It was a beautiful evening walk and I got to see many people out walking too, some alone or with a partner and I even saw a few families out and about with their kids which was nice. It kinda made me feel not alone in my efforts which gave me my second wind on my way back home.

I was sweating pretty bad once I got home and I could smell it and I love it! I am the type of person that needs to see, smell or hear things so I can take notice and given that I am not much of a sweater it felt really good. I got cleaned up and put on some more SNL and grabbed a snack. I really hate most protien bars in my price range because they taste horrible and most of the time I am not looking for substance I just want something sweet. So I picked up some Quaker Chewy Dibbs - Peanut Butter Bars and THEY ARE SO GOOD! The only have 150 Calories and they are small but they are awesome for those moments you just need something sweet.

So overall Day Two went well and again I am excited for what tomorrow has in store for me. One thing I do want to stress is dont limit the amount of sleep you get because your body needs it. I had the luxury to sleep in but if I didnt I would of been hurting in the morning. I will be in bed by 10pm tonight and see if that will allow me to wake up early tomorrow feeling as good as I did this morning when I woke up.

I watched an interview session with the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy which is a movie that I am really excited to go and see. A fan asked Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation fame a question about how he got into shape considering that his character on tv was out of shape compared to his Star Lord character on Guardians of the Galaxy. This was the response:

"I haven't always been fat, but I've been fat for the last eight years or something, which is really fun and really great. I love eating food and drinking beer and having fun with my life. I was also kind of depressed a little bit when I was fat and there's probably people out there who can agree and understand what that feels like." He continues, "I'll tell them, 'Hey, if you just bust your a** and get after it, all it takes is like six months really.' Six months flies by whether you're working out every day or whether you're not, so if you feel compelled to do something about it, take some action and get in shape, do it. You can do it. You could. You really could. You could do it in six months and all you have to do is just book a Marvel movie and have a deadline that's like, 'If you don't [lose weight] then you might get fired,' and then it's easy."

It was such a great response and it couldn't have been a better time for me to hear it. I hope to meet him one day and shake his hand and thank him for helping me put things into perspective. Sometimes it just takes hearing it from a super hero for it so stick you know?

Well this concludes Day Two....Remember, Never Settle!

~Alvaro Pico

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day One

I had planned on starting this about a month ago but a few injuries slowed me down but it has begun so I am so very happy about that! The desire to get healthy has been something I have been chasing for sometime now but because of my life choices it was never really made a priority.

Let me tell you about myself:

My name is Alvaro Pico, I was born in Upland,CA and raised in Ontario, Ca. I am 28 years old and have weighed close to or slightly above 300lbs for as long as I can remember. Being 5"9" and heavy was hard enough but the self limiting beliefs that came with it was even harder. I grew up very self conscious, my two older brothers where considerably fit which made my health issues stand out tremendously more. I have always been "The Little Big Brother". I dabbled in athletics while in middle school and high school but those attempts where always short lived, I never had the motivation to stick to it. I hit some rough years in my late teens and after getting kicked out of High School I new that I needed a change of scenery. I enrolled into The Inland Empire Job Corps, by doing that I removed myself from a non-working environment and slowly created a new me by following a simple concept....Pay it forward.

My time at The JC was great, I made great friends who took care of me which was great because I was 16 and common sense was still a few years out of my grasp. They showed me that being a statistic was not a path that I had to follow and that by pushing myself and never settling, I  could be somebody. I graduated with my GED (at 16), My High School Diploma (at 17), and a Certificate in Masonry. I thought that my life was set and I was ready to roll which it was until I decided to revisit my poor decision making. A month or so prior to my Graduation I was sitting in the Masonry shop when my instructor walked in and let us know that he was getting us pizza and wanted someone to go get a movie. I of course volunteered with a friend (I use that word loosely) and head off to go get a movie. Because of my age I was not allowed off campus without a pass so I decided to hop the gate, I mean it was for a good cause right?....I couldn't let the guys down. So I cleared the pretty high fence and we where off, my "friend" was driving a Civic at the time that was pretty fast, we got to the Blockbuster in no time. We picked out Kill Bill, a movie that I still cant watch till this day without reliving the memories. On our way back to the facility we had all green lights and clear road so like any reckless teens would do when trying to get back to free pizza, we hauled ass. As we approached an intersection, the one with the Taco Bell at the corner we were face with a dilemma. How do we avoid the lifted Toyota Truck that is making a left turn and by doing so making the green lights and clear road a distant memory. I remember having the conversation with my "friend" and then checking to make sure I had my safety belt on, I did. To make a long story short, the truck being driven by a young lady with her friends stopped just in time to prevent us from whipping around them and thus I awoke in The Hospital.

My time in the Hospital was short, I did some testing and outside of some pretty bad whiplash and bruising I just had some pinched nerves in my lower back. Not a big deal right? I did some rehab but I was told very clearly that this lower back issue will continue to bother me if I do not lose weight. Unfortunately I was being told this as I was enjoying the painless life of a pill popping teen, the Vicodin kept the edge off and the muscle relaxers kept me numb.

So fast forward a year and a half later and I find myself in Amargosa Valley, NV visiting my oldest sister. It was supposed to be a summer visit just to get away from what was slowly becoming a very pathetic life full of pills, drinking and eating....a lot of eating. A few weeks into the visit I was at the post office checking the mail when I was approached by a man in a suit, after questioning me if I was a local he offered me a job. He gave me very little details but really stressed that I should show up at the "Academy" the following morning so we can talk more.  Now during this time I was 19 Years old and pushing about 275lbs. I was so lazy and numb to the idea of getting healthy that it started to affect my appearance, I looked like a slob. Why this man was offering me a job had me dumb founded but I saw the writing on the wall, this was the fork in the road and it was time I made a working choice. 

I began my career at Horizon Academy, a specialized boarding school for at risk youth. At the time I started we had roughly about 15 students, a year later we had about 80 students and a little over a year after that we had ballooned to about 180 students. During this time I had worked my way up in had definitely cleaned up my decision making, I was making a difference in the world by working with these kinds and their struggling families and I loved it. That job became my life and I was really really good at it. It was apparent to me that if I stuck around long enough my life was gonna slip by me as I tried to help these kids get get a shot at even having a life. My weight continued to rise and I was regularly sitting at 300lbs even though I made it clear to put 270lbs on my Drivers License.  I left the academy twice early within my first 4 years there, mainly because I was not achieving my dreams which where at the time a bit far fetched but they where my dreams non the less. I left once to pursue my education, that lasted about 2 weeks when I got a call and returned after I was offered a promotion and more money to come back. Second time I left to travel, I made it to New York and back...that's a story for another day. After traveling I spent some good time away but ended up back right before Horizon Academy turned into Northwest Academy. My timing could not have been better, with so much change occurring my experience and work ethic eventually got me a great position that I would excel at so much that I later become an Administrator, to be specific The Student Services Director. Professionally I had  made it, 27 years old and I have an Office two doors down from The Owner. It was great....but in all this time I had focused on helping struggling kids and families and becoming a viable resources to every major county in Nevada, I was FAT.

During my time at The Academy I ran a tight ship with my boys, they came in a hot mess and left mentally and physically ready to take on the world. I stressed to them that the body and mind are one so to be on top of your game you had to be ahead of the curve in both areas. I would run them and coach them into becoming everything I was not willing to make myself. I always perceived myself as a pretty smart guy and my work ethic was matched by very few but despite that it was very clear to me that I was a hypocrite. I will always remember the new kids that had not bought in to my vision and how they would comment under their breathe and questions why I was not doing the work outs with them and if I even could. I would act as if I would not hear them just because I new I had nothing to say, I didnt want to face the fact that I was settling. I tried the diets, I did the walks, even tried to pump weights but it would never stick and I had so much work in front of me that it was easy to let it slide. The fact that the majority of the staff I worked with was out of shape almost as bad as I was made it easy to settle.

I decided to leave The Academy for reasons that where made clear to the people that needed to hear them and I would rather not go into them, the point is I left. After a few weeks of being away from the job that had defined me since I was 19 years old, I reflected. I am happy to have been privileged to support the many lives of the students and families that I represented. I am happy with the impact that I have left on the world and proud of the positive relationships that I created and the respect that I earned. On paper, I am the man but in the mirror I am nowhere near the man that I should be and I cant believe that I let it get this bad.

So that was a lot more than I intended on sharing but it was nice to get it out....Back to Day 1

I have to start somewhere right? I did a little over an hour of non stop water aerobics in a swimming pool which resulted in a very tired Pico. I created a system, I put my music on and had a list of work outs to do. While the songs played I never stopped moving and I took the second or so in between songs to regroup and pick a new work out. I stuck to running in place in waist deep water and swimming laps for the most part but I added a few things in between to mix it up. I ate well, 3 meals and 2 snacks and drank plenty of water. I feel great. I am sure this feeling will turn more into soreness by the morning but it wont be to bad. I decided to begin my journey of transformation in the pool so I limited the harsh impact on my joints and lower back. I will continue to utilize the pool for a few weeks before attempting anything dramatic. I will be walking every other day, once in the morning and then at night while doing the pool workout everyday.

I will weigh myself in the morning and make sure to post it on here with a few pictures....Day One is in the books....

It Can Be Done - Dropping The Weight

Never Settle

~Alvaro Pico

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