Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day Sixty Nine


These last few days have been full of pleasant surprises and the news of me getting the job I had interviewed for last week kept it going. I had not heard from them in slightly under a week which started to make me nervous. Of course I began to assume that I may have flopped and not got the job which didnt help motivate me so I kept myself focused on what I could control. I was called while on a walk and to my luck a Ice Cream Van was driving by me with its music so I could not anwser the phone. They left a voice mail requesting that I contact them asap and that put me into overdrive. I began to hustle to get home so I could get on the phone and get the new, good or bad didnt matter anymore because I just wanted closure. So when I got home I gave them a call and it was someone I had never talked to before so I got even more nervous. Maybe they gave him the call so that he could shoot me down and since he didnt know me it would be easy for him to move on. Yeah thats a bit dramatic but it was what I was thinking so I listened to him and finally he gave me the good news that they where going to offer me the job. He gave me the details and I accepted with the only request being that I push my start day back a week so I could move and not have to travel since it was a ways off with a lot of traffic. He is going to give me a call tomorrow but he assured me that it would not be an issue so I was happy to hear that. 

That was the highlight of my pretty productive day, I was able to knock out 10 miles and my puppy joined me for the mid day 2 mile walk. I was up early and had finished 6 miles before noon so that is always a good for me, I hate having to rush more than 4 miles after 3pm or so. I had to go do some shopping with some already sore legs so that was fun, but any walking is a good thing for me! I purchased enough good healthy food to hold me over this week since I am going hard and want nothing to stand in my way. I picked up some chicken and will balance that out with my regular fish meals to mix it up a bit, I was starting to get tired of just fish. I did have a good nap once I got home from shopping which felt great, I really needed it. Once I woke up from that I quickly got going on my last 4 mile walk of the day and that is always a good feeling, achieving yopur daily goals always feels nice. 

Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Chicken Fajita
Dinner - Vegetable Stirfry w/ Left over Fajitas

Tomorrow will be another consistent day as I will aim for another 10 miles and focus on eating correctly in the day. I dont think that will be a problem because I have my meals preplanned in my mind so that should help it all fall into place. 

Things are begging to work out....NEVER SETTLE!

(My mom made some fajitas that kicked mine in the ass today when she got home, I look forward to those tomorrow and will of course miss her and also her amazing cooking. Thank goodness that I will be about an hour away as apposed to the 4+ hours I was when I live in Nevada.)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Day Sixty Eight

Monday Weigh In: 267lbs

So I bit the bullet and jumped on the scale early this morning assuming nothing good but fortunately I was very surprised. When I glanced down and saw that I had lost 3lbs I almost jumped out of my skin, I could not believe it. After having such an up and down week I expected nothing good from the weigh in to the point that I almost skipped it. The prior I had gained 2lbs and that just broke my heart so to have lost those 2lbs and then 1 pound more was just a fantastic result. I re-weighed myself about 3 times on 2 different scales just to make sure and both came up with a 3lb loss so the confirmation made it even more special. Looking back I know I didnt have many good days but the ones that I did have where clearly better than an average good day so that must have made the difference. Also I did a good job of watching my calorie intake to make sure I didnt do to much damage so that also must have helped my cause. 267lbs is the lowest I have ever weighed as an adult so it meant the world to me that I was able to achieve it even though mentally I was not in the game for the majority of the week. This was very much the insparation that I needed and I am very happy that I did not skip my weigh in today.

Soon after my weigh I was off on my first 4 mile walk of the day, like most of my early week walks it went by really fast and I am really starting to get by these walks pretty quick. When I got home I intended on taking a short break and heading out again but I opted to relax a bit more and try and fix my broken PS3. After I failed to bring the PS3 back to life I decided to get going on the second 4 mile walk of the day and it went well but I could see myself struggling to keep a solid pace. I pressed on and finished just fine with no pain or aches so I knew with that I would be having a strong walking week. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and cleaning which was not to fun especially without my normal douse of Netflix which I normally watch on my PS3. I managed to pull through just find and shortly after eating dinner my nephew, puppy and myself head out knock out a quick 2 mile walk. Its always fun walking with my nephew, he always has something to talk about so it keeps my mind of negative things and then this was the 1st time I took my dog on this type of walk so that was new too. Brett (My Dog) kept the pace solid and we finished the 2 miles rather quickly which make me wonder why I took so long to get my dog going on these. I am sure my nephew will be joining me on more of these walks so thats awesome too. Overall it was a great day work out wise and in combination with my weigh in I really cant complain. 10 miles walked with the goal being set at doing more miles than I have ever done before in a week. The number to beat is 50 miles. 

Breakfast - Fruit
Late Lunch/Early Dinner - 4 Shredded Pork Tacos with Tons of Vegetables
Snack - Cup of Coffee

The Tacos where packed with so much food that even as I type this I am not hungry so I enjoyed the meals today. I tried to make some Fish for lunch but it came out really gross so I passed on it and by the time I finished making the tacos it was almost 4pm so I just made enough to hold me over and counted it as my lunch and dinner. 

Tomorrow will be another great day....This is going to be a great week!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day Sixty Seven

Well this was an up and down week, I am kinda glad its over other than I finished How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. This has easily become one of my most favorite shoes ever, the ending was not what I was expecting but I loved it and am sad that its over. I am sure that I will watch it over again a few times before I could officially move on. The new season of Once Upon A Time is starting so that will hold me over for a bit until Walking Dead comes back on. I have spend the last 3 months watching a lot of Netflix, I think I am looking forward to getting back to work and not having my life be about my shows. I think this up coming week will be a big one for me and I hope it is, I have been wanting to move onto bigger and better things but there is always a hold up that sets me back. I am over the hold ups and I just want to move on, chase some dreams and really I just want to be happy. I know that I am the one that creates my Happiness and I feel like I allowed my professional set backs to hold me up because I invested so much into it and I didnt want to admit that it did not become everything I wanted it to be. Overall I have grown from everything that went down but I need to find the avenue that will allow me to actually move on.

I spent this weekend in neutral, I ate well but that was about it.

Tomorrow starts the greatest work out week of me life and nothing will get in my way, because I am in control and will Never Settle.

Oh and My Packers Won!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day Sixty Six

Family Day!

My Saturday did not go as planned, I ended up going out to watch my nephew play football in the morning then we went out for breakfast. I kept some control and ate well but then we came home and I passed out. I went to sleep late yesterday and then after waking up early my body was done. Tomorrow's goal is to get 14 miles in so I can at least get to 40 miles done for the week which will still be pretty good. Dont have to much time tonight to write so I will keep it short. Gonna go hard tomorrow and carry that into the new week and go even harder!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Day Sixty Five

This was one of my most stressful yet productive days in a very long time, these last few weeks have been similar stress wise but today was different. I finally got out of my poor pity me rut and actually did something instead of eating or wasting my day. I was awaken early, I accidentally left my alarm on after having it off for the week and it startled me. I looked at the time and it was 8an and a cool 65 degrees out but I tried to ignore that and go back to bed. It didn't take, so i summed up all my energy and rolled out of bed and began to get ready for a walk. I was out the door at about 8:30am and to my surprise I had a lot more energy than I thought I would have. When I got home I tried to go back to bed but I couldn't so I watched some more of the final season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. After a few episodes I got ready and went out for another 4 mile walk and this one was a bit harder because the heat had kicked in but it went well overall. At this point I am thinking I am done for the day and was proud of myself for doing as much as I did. That's how low the bar has been set for a little bit now so when I got back home I tried to keep myself busy but I was restless. I then got a call from Dave the HR from the job I am hoping to get, he asked me a few questions and then told me that he was going to make some reference calls. I was not nervous about it before he mentioned it but once he did it was all I could think about. So then I got up in my head and of course it was all worst case scenarios and I was getting all worked up.

So I did what I normally would not have done, I got up and got my shoes on and went for my third 4 mile walk of the day. I felt the tightness in my legs and I was tired early on but all of that combined with a perfectly time phone call I received really became a much needed distraction. The call was from a person who really was my biggest supporter back at my previous job. Her name is Erin and I have known her for years but it was in the last year and a half or so when we became closer. She was a counselor and worked with me and the student that I served and truthfully I couldn't of asked for a better person to share the kids with. She and I left at the same time and she was just calling to check up on me and to let me know how her journey was going. I was on mile 3 when she called me and before I knew it I was well into mile 4 with a huge smile on my face once the call was over. It makes me feel great to know that she thought of me and I am really happy to still have her in my life even though we both had moved onto to new chapters in out lives. That women deserves nothing but the best and I do pray that she gets it, the kids she works with now are blessed to have her.

Right at the end of my third 4 mile walk my sister snuck up on me, she was out ridding her bike with my niece in tow and my nephew on his scooter behind her. I plan on getting the part we need to get the other bike ready so she and I can ride the bikes when she is here and so I can began to expand my range. I was feeling really tired at that point but it only lasted for a but because shortly after eating dinner I got my shoes on again and this time knocked out a 2 mile walk which put me at 14 miles done in the day and 26 miles done for the week. So again I am at striking distance of my goal of 50 miles for the week and will only have to do 12 miles on both Saturday and Sunday to get to the magic number for only the second time since I started my journey. I believe I can do it and after watching a video that a friend from Twitter sent me I am even more motivated.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU0BzZlwU4o

I really want to make up for gaining 2lbs last week and if doing all of this gets me back in to the 260lbs marks even by a little I will be happy.

Breakfast: Fruit (Apple & Grapes_
Lunch: (Left Over Steak)
Dinner: Talapia with Sautee Vegetables and slices of Tomato and Avocado

That was the best I have done meal time in a long time and I plan on keeping it up for the next 30 days for sure, I really want to get into the 250lbs range so I can have a chance at completing my overall goal by The New Year. I am still up in my head a bit, early next week I will find out if I got the job and if my other financial issue has been resolved. I have done all I can do in regards to the job and other issues so I will keep myself focused on my health which is just as important as anything else. I feel good, here's looking forward to feeling GREAT!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day Sixty Four

So I think my final interview went very well, really it was more like
3 interviews in one but I did well in all of them. I know that I came
off genuine because the questions they asked where straight to the point
and very direct which is what I prepared for. I wasn't to nervous, more
than anything else I was anxious. I new that I was in a good position
but in no way did I have a guarantee so I wanted to put my best foot
forward so I could be in the best position. I felt very good walking out
of the office and I felt even better during the drive home. I feel like
I will be a great fit for the position and I see myself potentially
working my way up. They have so many positions that interest me but for
now I am focused on cashing in on my experience and desire to help
people. The person I met was one of the original employees for ICDC and
from what I understand she pretty much helped build this very successful
company. Being in her office and having a great conversation meant a
lot to me because even though I knew she was very important I didnt
stumble of doubt myself. It wasn't until I was half way home that I
realized who I talked too and how well the conversation went. I have
grown so much in the last 10 years and it really showed today and I am
very happy with how I showed up.

Tomorrow is a 10+ Mile
Day and I plan to finish the week off like that to try and have a
decent weigh in. I have a chance at meeting my goal of 50miles but it
will be hard.

Back to eating healthy....with the
stressfull part of my week over I know I can hit my diet hard again and
get some great results.


Oh and just in case you missed it.... #RE2PECT

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day Sixty Three

Today Was A Good Day

It started off with an early call, I thought I was going to have to wait all day for it but it came early and went well. I have a few days of waiting to see the results of it all but I have a good feeling about it all so it shouldn't be to bad of a wait. This has all been going on for over 3 months so a few more days is music to my ears. After the phone call I thought I was good to go for the day but shortly after I finished the first call I got another important call. The call was from the Recruiter, last time he and i spoke we set up my 2nd Interview for next week. The call was informing me that some hire ups reviewed my Resume and the results from my first interview and because of how it all went they wanted to meet with me asap. I was very surprised and happy, it was not expected and it really made my day. So the new interview will be tomorrow at 2:30pm and even though I know they want me know I am still nervous. I really want this job so I will be on my A game and be ready to hit it out the park again. This week is going really well and I hope for it to continue, I especially want the results from the first phone call come through positive. 

I was not able to get any walking done, mainly due to the soreness that I have been going through. Doing my interview on Tuesday I couldnt stand the soreness in my legs so when I knew that I had a bigger interview tomorrow I decided to call it a day and rest up for tomorrow. The remaining days after tomorrow will be 10 mile days and I hope to get some good results from the walking. I really cant wait till tomorrow and I hope to have even better news to write about. 

Its late and I am going to bed because tomorrow is a BIG DAY!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day Sixty Two

12 Miles Walked So Far This Week

The goal is to get to 50 by the end of the week and I think I will be able to get there, assuming I can keep up some consistency. Tomorrow I have to be available from 8am to 4:30pm so my entire day is locked up waiting for a phone call. I am not complaining since I have wanted this phone call to happen for over 3 months now. If all goes well on the call I will be able to move on to the next chapter of my life and am hoping all the positive energy I have build up pays off now. I am very nervous because is this doesn't go well I don't know what I am going to do. I am trying to focus on the positive and the fact that I know I deserve what I am asking for so that is somewhat working. Things this week have began to fall into place and I hope to have that continue since all my plans rely on all these things coming through. 

I had my Job Interview today and it went really well outside of the fact I ended up at the wrong office and was about 30 minutes late to the interview. Fortunately they where all very understanding and I was still able to meet with the Department Head and the Administrator. So really I had two interviews and I believed that they both went really well. I walked out of the offices with my head held high and even tough I had that minor set back I was able to work with it. The information I gained during the interview made me feel better about what I was getting into. When they spike about metrics I really understood what they meant and after excelling at retaining my students in my previous jobs I feel really good about being able to create similar results. The office setting was very work heavy, I never had a cubicle before so that will be a new experience. On my way home I was called by Dave, he is the Talent Acquisition's manager that reached out to me initially. He wanted to know how I felt about the job and after we talked about that he let me know that the Admin I met with also felt good so they wanted me to come in for the 2nd Face to Face Interview. This would be an interview with HR and I would be filling out paperwork, before letting me know about the interview he asked me if I still wanted to pursue the position. When I said yes he said he was happy to hear it so I feel like the position is in hand barring any unforeseen setback.

I missed Breakfast and Lunch because of the drive and the interview so I ended up having a Pastrami Sandwhich with some fries for dinner. Shortly after being done with that I completed a 4 mile walk for the day and wanted to do more but I dont like walking to late into the night. I didnt know if I would get any walking in today or tomorrow but I planned on doing my best and working towards my goal of 50 miles for the week. I really need to focus on limiting my sugars and carbs again and doing a better job of sticking to it. When my schedule gets messed with I begin to settle for less healthier alternatives but I have done well this week and the Pastrami was a bit of a celebratory one. Tomorrow I am back on my Fruit/Salad/Fish Diet so that is gonna be fun and I will be sitting at home watching the final season of How I Met Your Mother which just came out on Netflix and waiting on my phone call. 

So not a bad start to the week, really hope tomorrow is great and I look forward to sharing some great news. :)


Monday, September 22, 2014

Day Sixty One

So I gained 2lbs after having a very non productive week, so after I knocked out 10 miles yesterday I did 4 miles back to back today. I was going to go for 10 but my feet began to feel a bit raw so I called it a day. I have high hopes for this weeks work out so I didnt want to run into any problems with it just being Monday. I was a bit frustrated with myself about the 2lb gain because I knew it was self inflicted and that sucks. I think in the back of my mind I thought that I would be able to get away with an off week like I have done in the past but it didnt work out that way. I have learned a vital lesson and will make sure to hold on to it so I dont repeat it again. I am really tired right now which is a good thing because I might get some good sleep now. Tomorrow is my interview in Culver City, its at 11am so I will be leaving the house by 9am. I am a little nervous but more than anything I am anxious about getting a shot to better myself professionally. I know I am the man for the job and I will make sure to hit it out of the park tomorrow and lock the job down.

Got a few things to do before I go to bed so this one is going to be a short one and I hope I have a lot to right about tomorrow.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day Sixty

2 Months

I cant believe that it has been two months since I started this epic weight loss journey. In the past I have tried and tried but never followed through but finally I think I am over any of  the walls that would put me in a situation to quit and I really believe in myself. I have received so much support from families, friends, strangers and athletes which was so much more than I expected. Due to my dedication and the overwhelming positive support I made it through some dark moments both in the weight loss process and in my life overall. I have always been a confident guy but now I am on top of the world and I know that I can do anything that I set my mind on. I have goals and dreams that some would deem as far fetched and unreasonable but I know that I can achieve it all because I have heart and that will carry me through. These last two months have been life altering and I will never forget the struggles and how I overcame them to get to this point, I still have a long road and I am ready for it. It took my lowest low to get me to make these changes and it was hard, but now I know that I can do it and can find motivation in anything even the negative. I cant thank everybody that has helped me, supported me, and even doubted me since I began this and slightly before that. I am a better person today and it took sacrifices to get here but it was worth it and I will continue to strive to be better.

After having a lack luster week and finished off with a bang and completed 10 miles today and did really well with my calorie intake. This was the first time all week that I went walking so I wanted to go big without hurting myself so I set my goal for 10 miles and I got it. The first 4 mile walk felt amazing, my sister would have been proud of me for the pace that I was keeping. I pushed myself as hard as I could and at one point was almost at a light jog before I hit a stop light that killed my momentum. My legs held up great and I felt really good about completing the rest of my walking for the day. When I got home I was restless and full of energy so I did some stuff around the house but then I crashed and even though I gave it my all I fell asleep. This set me back a bit because I wanted to finish my walking before the sun set so I went off for my second 4 mile walk around 5:30pm. That one was not as fast as my first walk but I was still fighting off the abrupt wake up my alarm gave me but I finished strong. The sun was pretty low when I got home and after sitting down with my sister and mom for a bit I decided to get my last 2 miles done before I convinced myself to call it a day. My legs where still warmed up from the 4 mile walk so these last two miles where a piece of cake. By the time I was done the sun was set and the night sky reminded me of how much I miss the night sky in Amargosa Valley. I was fortunate to have some great music for all of my walks and that made them go way faster so overall it was a good day. I wanted to jump start my body for the upcoming week, I am gunning for a 10lb loss starting after tomorrows weigh in.

Brunch: Chilaquiles with Chorizo Beans
Dinner: Shrimp Cocktail
Snack: White Peach

I dont have my hopes set to high for tomorrows weigh in, as long as I have a loss I will be happy. I have not gained in any of my weigh ins and I would like to maintain that. After I cut my hair and shaved and felt so much better, I look slightly different and have gotten great compliments. Well I did look pretty bummy but I have lost the majority of my double chine and I dont fit into my clothes and that just puts a huge smile on my face. When I went clothing shopping I tried on a size 40 pair of pants and they fit, I have not worn that size since High School. The pants looked horrible and thus I didnt purchase them but when I was wearing them I never felt so good. I went with a more stylish dress shirt than I normally would buy and thats just because as a big guy I never wore anything that was not a solid color, it was a confidence thing so I wanted to change that.  Over a year ago I purchased some pants that didnt fit me and I kept them so they are brand new and now I will be able to wear them to my interview. I look forward to the interview, I think my confidence will carry me through it and I have the experience necessary to do a great job so I am confident about it.

This week is huge because so many things that will be decided during it, I have not had a week like this in quite awhile. I am a little nervous but I am trying to shake that and just keep the energy positive. Regardless of what happens I will continue to push to better myself and knowing that allows me to keep a positive outlook on everything. God will never give me more than I can handle, I just have to figure out a way to handle it.


Oh and my Packers had a tough loss today but I know we will bounce back....#GOPACKGO

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day Fifty Nine

Great day, spent the majority of it with my mom out and about and the rest finishing the rest of Season 3 of The New Girl. It has been awhile since I have binged watched Netflix so that was awesome and I had a great burger with my mom and we did some shopping at Five Guys. The day was pretty chill, I was stuck at home early in the morning because someone was going to come by and pick up a love seat from me so that was boring but it worked out. With the little money I made off of that I went out and purchased some interview clothing for Tuesday, the clothing I had in my closet did not fit me anymore. That was a great feeling and would have been better if I had more money to really spend but I did the best with what I have. I will make sure to post a picture when I get all dolled up for my interview, a 2x shirt fit me loose for the first time in for ever and I cant wait to get myself into a XL shirt. I have the job interview on Tuesday, I am pretty nervous but I know that I will hit it out the park because I am the right man for the job.

Tomorrow is my last day to get a work out in for the week and on Monday I will aim for about 40 Miles for the week even though I have the Job Interview on Tuesday and then another phone interview on Wednesday.

Got a late start on my blog tonight....I need to get back on my work out grind so I can have more to write in this thing....lol!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Day Fifty Eight

Oh man I cant wait for this cleansing to be over with, I took my last pills todays and I can assure you its been a tough week. But I do feel better and have been watching my diet and trying my best to eat healthy and stay within my allotted calories. Tomorrow will be fun, I will be up early so I can get some walking down, I will be in bed early tonight to make sure I have no reason not to wake up. I have been sleeping better but I started to go to sleep later which has not worked for me at all. I have to remain consistent so I dont let all my work be for not. I am so close to my two month date and I never thought I would get this far, I am just excited to continue my journey. I was a little nervous since I had not done any walking this week so I took a sneak peak on the scale and the results made me feel better. I wont put them down here but I can assure you that it made me want to push hard this weekend and make the best of this week. I really do see myself going all the way with this, I feel better both physically and mentally so why would I stop this now right? I will continue to push and should my financial issues work out I will be in  great position to hit the gym hard and really tone up muscle wise.

I did do some small work outs in my room, still cant do situps the way I want but I did do some crunches and some work with my huge ball. I am weary of doing anything that might do more harm than good right now, I just want to continue to lose weight so I am at my best whenever I hit the gym. The weight training has been going well here but I am limited in what I can do so I just make the best of it. I think I have my road mapped out well and this upcoming week will be huge in getting the ball rolling more than I have already. Here's hoping that all goes smooth and I can take the next necessary big step in my life. The work that I have put in to lost the weight I have lost already is nothing compared to the work I will put in to achieve my goals. I feel great and I will do everything in my power to not lose this feeling.

Gonna get ready for bed....


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day Fifty Seven

My foot was still bothering me when I woke up this morning and it was difficult to walk on it for a bit. The good thing is that as I am typing this I feel no pain or discomfort so I think I will give walking a go assuming the pain stays away. I feel guilty for not being able to follow up my walking from last week with a similar amount this week but what can I do. I do think I will be able to finish strong and make the best of what has been a down week work out wise. Like I said a few weeks ago, if I can manage to lose a few pounds this week I will call it a win. I do plan on going to bed early in an effort to get up bright and early tomorrow so I can get some walking in early and before it gets to hot.

I got a hair cut today and I shaved, I was not going to do either until I lost 50lbs but because I have the interview next week I decided against that. So here is the before and after picture:

I was looking a bit a rough but I like it, I probably lost a pound or so just by losing the hair so that is a plus for sure. My day was busy running errands and getting my for cut so it did go by pretty fast. I hope to have more to write tomorrow regarding my walking, if I can muster it up I would love to get over 10 miles in, that would really be nice.

Well off to bed I go....


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day Fifty Six

The blister that was given me issues a few weeks ago turned into what I though was Callus and up until yesterday gave me no issues. Early today I went to step I felt something on my foot, it was the Callus peeling off. I put pressure on it to see if there was going to be any pain and when I didnt feel any I peeled off what ended up being a huge chunk of skin. After I had peeled it off I felt to pain or discomfort so I went back to sleep for a few more hours. After I awoke I went to take a step off my bed and I felt a sharp sting, it was to painful but it was uncomfortable. So it seems that the raw skin that was under the Callus is still pretty raw and now I am off my feet again for another day or so in hopes that it heels quickly. I didn't intend on peeling the entire piece of skin but when I tugged on it the majority came off without much effort. I wanted to aim for 10+ miles today or average near that for the rest of the week but that has been shelved. Now all I can do is life weights and watch my calories to make sure I don't take a step back. Pretty frustrating to say the least but I will manage and continue to find a way to push towards my goals. I feel better and after doing some research I believe that bike riding is my next big step. I do plan on buying a real nice bike whenever I get my finances settles which shouldn't be to long now.

I am looking for ways to work out and get a nice calorie burn but my damn foot seems to get in the way each time. I tried putting my socks on and that was uncomfortable so the goal now is to let it be so I can limit any problems. This weeks meals have been pretty sloppy in comparison to how I have been the last few weeks so I need to get a grip on it all. I have not had a good work out day since Sunday so that sucks. My personal life seems to be getting more stable which is always nice and I confirmed my face to face interview for next Tuesday which is awesome. I really feel like I will be a good fit with this company and the job seems to be what I have been wanting. Something that I can work hard it but it wont overcome my life and I will have time to do other things with my free time. I cant wait to move to the beach and I hope that a few of my friends will be able to join me when I get out there. I see myself taking some really positive steps mentally which has made it possible to overcome some mental hurdles. Now if I could just get a grip on my mental, emotional, and physical hurdles I feel like I could conquer the world if I wanted to.

Meals for the day:

B - Greek Raspberry Yogurt
L - Beef Stir Fry Burrito
D - Fish with Vegetables
S - Apricot

I hope my foot heals up overnight so I can make up for some lost time tomorrow and get a decent work in for the week. If I can manage to lose 3lbs this week I will consider that a huge win. Another positive thing is that I have been sleeping great, last night I didnt wake up once, I cant remember the last time I managed that. Here's hoping that I can keep that up and continue to continue to build up this positive momentum.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day Fifty Five

Well I wasn't called for my interview at the scheduled time in the morning which was a bit of a let down. I skipped my morning walk just to make sure I didn't miss it or that something out of the ordinary didn't occur. The heat was over 100 again so I spent the majority of the day keeping my dog cool and as comfortable as possible. Outside of that I organized a bit of my room and did some work online to kill some time. I was pretty let down that I didn't get the call in the morning because I was really looking forward to the interview process. Then at about 1pm I missed the call from the hiring manager wanting to reschedule the interview, I don't know how I missed it and when I called back it went to voice mail. I again felt that let down feeling and took to my PS3 to distract me a bit since I didn't want to get into a funk. Up to this point I did no walking and had not gotten the interview so my day was quickly becoming a bust. A few hours later my phone rang and it was the Hiring Manager, she was apologetic and asked if I wanted to reschedule the interview or if I had some free time to do it right then. I of course chose to do it then and by the end of it I she told me she was going to set up a face to face interview in the very near future. My day went from a bust to one of the best days ever, I am one step closer to getting a great job in an absolute great city. Now I have a big reason to get a hair cut and a shave, I am starting to look pretty rough.

My meal times where a bit off today as I ended up eating dinner after 7pm:

Morning: Fruit
Lunch: Leftover Teriyaki and white rice
Snack: Granola Bar
Dinner: Turkey Sandwhich

I put together a salad which I will eat for lunch for the rest of the week and I have my fish for dinner so I am set on that. I started taking a body cleansing pill that really has me wanting to stay near a toilet but tomorrow is day 3 on that and it should get a bit more manageable after that. Tomorrow will be my first walk for the week so I hope to make it a good one. I really want to get out of the house by 7pm like I did this past sunday so I can try to get 10 miles in. Who knows if I average 10 miles a day I can maybe get to 50 for the second consecutive week....I will at least try.

So what started out as a bad day ended up as a great day so I am good with that.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Day Fifty Four

Name: Alvaro Pico
Height: 5ft 9in
Start Date: 7/24/2014
Start Weight: 302.5lb
Current Weight: 268lb
Goal Weight: 230lb
Goal Date: As Long As It Takes

I joined this site MiniMins.com and it has helped me so much, the support is tremendous and the information is stores for me is great. Every week I punch in my weigh in and it kicks out some great information, that's where I got the info above. The people there are tremendous and so much success is achieved there that it inspires you to continue to push. Not only does it have an outstanding amount of information on a variety of diets its a really fun place to just chat. Most of the people are women from Europe but to me that makes it even cooler because I think European's are AWESOME! Check it out if you are looking for inspiration or just to be understood. 

Here is my thread on MiniMins.com: http://www.minimins.com/lot-weight-lose-then-join-wemitts/343962-70-pounds-lose-i-started-yesterday.html

So after my weigh in I was super stoked at the idea that I am only 38lbs away from my goal. I did take the day off and I treated myself to some amazingly good/horrible fast food so the day was pretty simple. It made it up to 109 Degrees which sucked for me and my dog, my pooch got the worst end of it but I did a good job keeping him cool. I am hoping to be in my own place in less than a month and I am sure he is too. I got some good news from my Unemployment case so that also made my day, I have a scheduled phone call coming up that will decide it all and then I can move on. Tomorrow I have that phone interview which I know I will do great on, I really want this job. It is the perfect scenario for me and will allow me to pursue so much. I plan on doing some more reading on the company so I can be well educated on the job I am attempting to land. I feel really great about it all and I hope to feel just as great tomorrow night when I am writing my blog. The idea of finally taking that big step and moving to LA is all I want right now, because with that move I am taking ownership of my life and chasing my dreams. 

My goal for walking this week will be to reach at least 40 Miles with a few trips to the pool and some weight lifting. I also plan on hitting up a mountain hike or two this week just to change it up a bit so I can keep my body progressing. I am going to do my best to get into the low 260's and maybe even into the high 250's this week. I am finally feeling the weight loss, my sister needed help clearing out the back of her huge truck and I climbed it and did the job with no issue or strain. 2 months ago I would have been out of breathe just getting up the truck let alone doing the job so I felt good after that. 

I aimed for a 10lb Loss this last week and I made it to 7lbs so I will continue to reach for 10lbs so even if I miss it by a pound or two I will still feel great about it. 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day Fifty Three (50 Miles Goal Completed)


Monday - 8 Miles
Tuesday - 8 Miles
Wednesday - 8 Miles
Thursday - 8 Miles
Friday - 4 Miles
Saturday - 6 Miles
Sunday - 8 Miles

Total = 50 Miles

I was up and out of bed by 6:30am and out the door slightly before 7am, I was ready to seize the day. I began with a 4 mile walk which felt great, I was wide awake and full of energy which is not how every morning walk starts. The streets where pretty empty but considering the fact that it was Sunday it didn't surprise me. The sun had not fully risen so the air was really fresh for the first half of the walk and then it heated up and I really enjoyed that. I was walking at a pretty fast clip and my goal was to get the 4 miles done so I can get another walk in before it got too hot. Once I arrived home I chatted a bit with my mom and sister and I felt so good that I couldn't sit down. I couldn't believe I still had so much energy so I convinced my mom to join me for a two mile walk. For whatever reason I had convinced myself that I was only 2 miles shy of completing my goal even though I was actually 4 miles from it,. My mom and I chatted which made the walk go by really quick. She did get a bit winded since it had been a few weeks since she walked with me but she made it through just fine. When we got home my sister had gotten herself and the kids ready and apparently we where going out for brunch. I took a sec to get cleaned up and we where off, I at that point thought I had completed what had been my hardest goal while on this journey so I was on cloud 9.

For brunch I had a ham omelet with a few pieces of Sausage and Bacon, I got full pretty fast so I didn't finish it all. Later on in the day for dinner I had a Grilled Chicken Salad which was on the smaller side because I was not that hungry. I did snack on a few peanuts but not to many, I wanted to stay on the lighter side since my weigh in is tomorrow morning. 

After brunch I came in to write about my Blog and like at the top of this one I broke down my walking and laughed so hard when  I noticed I was not done. Due to the weather and the fact the Packers vs the Jets was on I decided to wait until late to really complete my goal. So shortly after The Packers beat the Jets who at one point held a huge lead I decided to get dressed. Physically and Mentally I felt fantastic, I even considered pushing myself and getting 4 miles done but in the end I opted to reach my goal and then plan on surpassing it later. On my way out I was joking with my sister and that led to her joining me with the twin in their red wagon for my 2 mile walk. Even hauling the twins she kept a great pace and it only got better when my niece said she had to use the bathroom shortly into the second mile. We talked about a diet she can manage while working a hard and sometimes inconvenient schedule. I told her that my next step was to start a video that would be the focal point of my work out in addition to the walking that I do. I was thinking of P90x or Insanity because I have heard some really good things about them. So she and I should start that as soon as I could get my hands on the video, I hope to get them tomorrow. The last half mile was one step from being a jog as my niece had to use the restroom so we pressed on through as fast as we could. The walk had gotten my heart rate up and I was sweating and I loved it. 

I thought once I reached 50 miles that I would be falling apart or at least really fatigued but I am not. My feet are blister and pain free and the rest of my body feels great.  Due to the way I feel the natural feeling is to raise the bar and continue to push but I am on a adrenaline high so I will hold off on the planning. I really needed this victory and plan to use this momentum and positive feeling to balance out any stress that may come from other not so secure areas of my life. A few days ago I felt defeated and now I feel like I am king of the world and I could accomplish anything and everything I set my mind on. I use to want to bottle up this feeling but now I know that I can recreate it every time I persevere, overcome and succeed at something that means the world to me. This is one huge step for me and I cant wait until I take the next one, life is good.

I may take a day off tomorrow but knowing me I highly doubt that, I will continue to push and I really cant wait for tomorrow's weigh in. I feel fantastic!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day Fifty Two

42 Miles Completed....8 More To Go

Much better day than yesterday and I feel really good about tomorrow and completing my 50 Mile Goal. This goal has been near reach before but something always comes up and stops me in my tracks. Physically I feel great and mentally I am not to far from feeling great, I have done well bouncing back from yesterday. I am of the mind that a comeback happens asap if not you risk the chance of getting comfortable and thus extending the negative results. Completing this goal will give me such a huge win and that is what I need, kinda makes me feel like the Universe was helping me out be giving me something to chase. My feet feel absolutely great which is good news after spending more than a week not being able to walk right. I have been getting better sleep and like my family says "Getting closer to settling my financial issues is much better than not". We are our own worst enemies and as much as I try to lean on the lighter side of life I sometimes do fall into working against myself. Learning and understanding has always been my way of getting better and when I fall into these down moments that is always my way out. Asking why has always gotten the ball rolling and because of that I try to be honest with myself.

I had fruit for both breakfast and lunch which was not planned but kinda worked out that way. Then for dinner I had a soup made from an assortment of beans with some beef in it. I really wasnt hungry today but I made a point to eat because I know its better that I do. I also ate some salted peanuts, not to many but I figured they would be a good snack. 

I spent most of my day trying to keep my pooch Brett cool, he enjoyed some of my methods but not the more extreme ones. I was happy to see him eat and drink because he has a tendency of not feeling well and then neglecting his basic needs. I decided to wet down the ground today and because I had the hose out and it was hot Brett got a nice cool wet down. He tried to get away from me but in the end he let it be and I think it was for the better. After his extreme cool down he ate some more and drank some more which earned him some peanut butter. All day he was sluggish until he saw the spoon, he leaped up and headed my way because he knew what he was getting. I have some plans on how to keep him cool but for the next couple of days it will be over 100 degrees so I will just make more of an effort to keep him and his water cool throughout the day. I wish he could just come inside but my sister was nice enough to house him in the backyard which I appreciate, getting him inside is not an option. Just another reason I need to lock this new job down so I can get a nice place where Brett can get the life he was getting prior to the big move and the financial struggles. I can wait to take him in to get pampered, I really need to get his damn claws trimmed. 

I look forward to tomorrows blog....I was starting to believe that 50 miles was just to much but now I am knocking on its door. 


Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Fifty One

I Was Momentarily Defeated Today....

I woke up late which I though was going to be the worst that happened today after having such a great week. Then I made what I thought was going to be a simple call that turned out to be full of bad news. My financial situation is still about a month away from being resolved when I thought it was gonna happen any day now. For the first time all week the temperature hit triple digits which prevented me from going on a walk and because I woke up late I was going to be limited to just 4 miles today. I have a interview on Tuesday that I wasn't stressing over until I realized that my Unemployment Case was not gonna be resolved anytime soon. I have done a great job of not missing any payments or screwing up the positive work I have done bettering my credit. My room was ridiculously hot today and I was miserable, it wasn't until late in the day when I glanced over and saw that there was a gap where the cool air was escaping. My dog was overheating in the back yard and I had to force him to drink water and could really do nothing else because he is not allowed in the house. I broke this weeks structured diet albeit with Subway but that ended up being more of a downer than a reward. I didn't prepare anything for dinner so I ate what was already made which was Chicken with Broccoli and White Rice....oh and I drank a Arizona Green Tea w/ Ginsing.

From when I woke up up until about 6pm I wanted to do give in to the defeated feeling that had overwhelmed me and just give up. I thought today was going to be the day that I let everything I have no control over begin to dominate the little that I had a firm grasp on and just send it straight to hell. 


At about 6:30pm I fixed the issue that was letting the cool air escape, I went over to make sure my pooch was good and he was. When I made it back to my room I began to get dressed and got myself out the door before I realized what I was doing. The heat had gotten better with the sun slowly setting and I was off on a very needed 4 mile walk. For the week I have 36 Miles Completed and am more than in striking distance to my goal of 50 miles. When I got home from my walk I explained my financial situation to my sister and she like always made me feel better about it. we talked some more before I made it back to my room. Shortly after getting cleaned up I started messing around online and submitted a trade for my Fantasy Football, within an hour the trade was accepted and finalized. Its 10pm right now and after I finish tonight's entry I will go out and get some lifting in before calling it an early night so I can ensure to get up early tomorrow to beat the heat and stay on course to make it to my goal. I will eat healthy tomorrow and continue to limit my carbs in an effort to have a great weigh in on Monday. 

My problems will not defeat and I will Never Settle when it comes to my happiness and the betterment of my life as a whole. 

Worry won't take away tomorrow's problems, it only takes away today's peace.
(Thanks for posting this Michelle)

I made it through the day which for sure has made me stronger and I will take what I have learned and apply it to tomorrow and the future. I wasnt going to write about any of this today, honestly I didnt think I would write anything at all. I have gotten so much support from so many people that I felt to have these thoughts and to let them defeat me even if it was for a moment was bad. But really I know that I like everyone else has their week moments and for me to overcome it is as much of a success as it was when I completed my first week on this journey.   


Day Fifty

I Am Tired

Yeah I never intend on taking time off from walking or working out in the near future. I am so tired and it is simply due to the fatigue that I had gotten over weeks ago but I let myself down. So I will push through it because that is what I did last time and I will continue to push to my goal. I actually almost fell asleep without writing tonight blog and that is just no bueno.  But I am sure this one will be one of my shorter ones because I am really looking to go to sleep. 

I did two 4 mile walks today, one in the the morning and the other pretty late and they both went great. I have had no issues with my feet this week and I am already at 32 miles for the week and will get to 40 by the end of tomorrow. I have stuck to my meal plan of Fruit for Breakfast, Salad for Lunch, and then Fish for Dinner. It leaves me well under my established calories so I have had to make sure to eat a snack to hold me over for the night. One thing I hate is going to sleep hungry especially when Jack in the Box is right around the corner and opened 24/7. My snack very from some type of atkins bar or just simply a banana. I have noticed that my energy level stays pretty high outside of when I talk a walk during a real hot afternoon. I do feel like this week will be a good when in regards to my weigh in on Monday which will make me feel less guilty to get some maybe not so healthy food in my belly soon. I really want to go to the Buffet my mom and I went too but I cant right now because I want a big loss and that food is crazy good. 

Gonna go to bed now, I really want to knock out my morning walk as close to 8am as possible but I may sleep in. We shall see.....


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day Forty Nine


Nothing has stuck with me more over the last 12 years than the idea to Never Settle and I dont think I will ever let it go. It has gotten me through every difficult, emotional, demoralizing, and just sad moments in my life with the simple understanding that it can get better. Through dedication and hard work anything is obtainable should one not allow the obstacles that life throws to defeat you. My biggest enemy is myself whenever I get into a comfortable feeling about where my life is because that's when I begin to negotiate with myself and that is not okay regardless of the circumstances. This saying, feeling, idea, mentality has been the driving force behind my weight loss because without it I would have thrown in the towel shortly after I began. 

Today was a great day, I slept in a bit later than planned but I got my early walk in after eating my breakfast which like always consisted of fruit. The morning walk was kinda nice because I missed the busyness of the sidewalk that has now begun because school started. Normally it doesn't bother me but on those days I just want to get the walking out of the way I seem to have dozens of moving obstacles in my way. I have moved on from my Holiday music and am back to listening to good ole Country Music on my Pandora App. Blake Shelton has always been my favorite Country Artist way back before he became the it guy for County Music. So I listed to his channel on Pandora and I would say that about 90% of the music is exactly what I would listen to so its awesome. The morning walk went buy pretty quick and I felt great both physically and mentally. I am still fighting the soreness that came from me taking so much time off from heavy walking but it doesnt bother me and sometimes actually feels pretty good. My sister keeps telling me to put weights on my ankles but I dont think I am to that point yet and I hope never to be there. By the time I need to add weights to my ankles I hope to be running or biking since walking has always been the beginners stage in my journey.

I didnt nap at all today which was good, I really need to get away from doing that since I will eventually need to get back to a working person's schedule. I did have to run a few errands which I think helped but I also kept myself pretty busy. I got going on my second 4 mile walk of the day at around 2pm and it was around 90 degrees out which felt really good. I love to sweat and in the heat I was doing just that, I was able to keep a good pace but I need to get a bigger water bottle. In the heat like that I finish my water right in between my 3rd mile so I am left fighting my thirst for slightly over a mile and that sucks. I do have a few extra bucks so I think I will put in a order for a bigger insulated water bottle so I can keep my water cooler for longer. I hate warm water so I think thats why I drink it a bit faster so the problem could be solved pretty easily. Today I drank a ton of water, way more than usual but I think it was because I chose to walk in the heat. In the morning I drink maybe half a water bottle during my 4 mile walk so I can tell how much the heat impacts me. I think I am beginning to enjoy water a lot more since my failed experiment with the low calorie/sugar drinks.  I just can get over the fake sugar taste and the bitterness so I decided to reintroduce Gatorade back into my diet but with a few restrictions. I can only drink out 6oz in a cup full of ice and it can only be 1 cup max per day. Also I cannot have it in consecutive days so that really helps me out because I have to drink water so its a win/win. 

During my second 4 mile walk I got a call from ICDC College which is based in LA, they saw my resume and where interested in me for a vacant position they have. They are a school that offers Certifications and Associate Degrees in specific areas like drug counseling, hvac, medical assistant and they have a Student Services position open. I was skeptical at first but as he described the position to me and then stated that it is a salary position within range of what I am looking for I got excited. I explained to him my history and he let me know that based on my the information on my resume and what we talked about that I would be great for that position. We scheduled a phone interview for Tuesday morning and I really hope that goes well. They are based in Culver City which is right where I want to be with a straight forward work schedule which is what I want and its a salary position with benefits. I am doing my best to not get to hyped up about it but I can help to really want this to work out, I really really want this to work out. During my call with them Mrs. Posada called me which made me laugh because my phone had not ranged all day and in one moment I get 2 calls that I would not want to miss. I did speak to Mrs. Posada later on in the day and that was a good chat like always. She has been hitting the gym hard and I am really proud of her, she is so busy and has to really manage her day and she does it so well. I was worried that I would struggle when I got back to work but she is showing me that if there is a will there is definitely a way.

I hit the weights again today and it went well and I am happy to say that more weight will be added on Monday! At my current weight I am able to push through 3x sets of 25 reps without much struggle now so the hard work and consistency is paying off. Moments like this leave me wanting to join a gym so bad but that will come in due time and I just have to be patient. I had my salad for lunch and then my Talapie and Vegetables for dinner with a Banana for a snack. 

Oh my sister kicked some ass again during her weight training, she impresses me every time we are out there. She is so much stronger than I thought and if not for her busy and sometime stressful schedule she would be miles ahead of me. I really need to make some adjustments so she can join me on my walks since those are my best walks. Her schedule is not consistent and that's what I do my best to be but I think I can manage to shoot from the hip a bit more considering I do have all day to make up for any unforeseen schedule conflicts. Had a great talk with my mom too and that is always awesome, I really missed her when she was gone so its good to have her back home.  

I can wait till my Monday Weigh In!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day Forty Eight

Lesson Of The Day: Make Sure To Use The Restroom Prior To Going On A 4 Mile Walk

I'll get to the reason of why I chose that to be The Lesson Of The Day a little later....lets just say for now that it was a close call. So my morning started if great, I got on to my walk shortly after 7am and was able to keep a strong pace throughout. After taking so many days off from walking I am having to go through the soreness that I had overcome a long time ago. Before my feet issues I was pushing 10+ Miles a day with no issue and was gunning for 20 miles one day before a blister put me on the bench. Now after two days of walking and 16 miles later I am feeling but just knowing that the bad soreness will go away soon enough makes me happy. My feet have not bothered me to much, I make it a point to put powder on them so they dont sweat as much and thus ensures that I dont have any blister problems. My legs are sore but really its my shins that bother me and if I remember it took about 2 weeks of walking for that to go away. Either way I was able to follow through and get up bright and early which is always a great way to start off the day. 

Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Large Cobb Salad
Dinner: Grilled Talapia and Vegetables
Snack: Atkins Peanut Butter Bar

I really look forward to The Talapia and love to have it for dinner because its light enough that if I have it early I am still able to have a snack before 7pm. Grilled vegetables are always amazing, I have been sticking to green, yellow, and red bell peppers as well as some onion. I season them both with a little salt and some Mrs. Dash and I absolutely love it. I have always been a fan of fish so I am sure I will have little to no trouble enjoying this weeks main course. I do know of a few other ways to prepare the fish but for now grilling it along with the vegetables is working out well. The salads are what they are, I enjoy them and do my best to mix it up but at the end I know I am eating because I have to but not because I really want to. I tend to not be to hungry around lunch time but I make it a point to eat my salad around noon so my body can work it out and I can really enjoy my fish at around 5ish. I mix up the protein that I add just for fun, I dont want to get tired off everything I have so I limit the use and it does help make the salads taste a bit different. For the most part I use an Oil and Vinegar Dressing or some Simple Ranch Dressing. So far I really like the Atkins Snacks and will be picking up some more in the near future. 

Now onto the lesson of the day. So I was ready to finish up my walking for the day and the sun was beating down but there was a nice breeze so it was balanced out. I started off very quick and I felt really energized and was really looking forward to this walk. About half way into the first mile my stomach rumbled a bit but I didnt pay it no mind and kept on pushing. Then after right as I finished the second mile it hit again but it lasted a bit longer and then I knew. I thought back and the last time I had used the restroom was a little over 5 hours and normally I use it before any walk but not today. So my I picked the pace up because I knew it was going to be a close call, I was two miles out and the local middle school had just let out which I new would slow me down. The faster I went and the more I had to bob and weave through traffic just made the feeling worse. The rumbling became more consistent and the feeling that I was not going to make it home was setting in. I tried to jog out the rest of the 3rd mile but I quickly realized that I should definitely not do that. I missed the walking signal at the 3 mile mark and was waiting my turn and I was feeling horrible. Sweat was just running down my head, one reason was because it was 90 degrees out and the other was because my body was just ready to release. After taking a few deep breathes I hustled off and was going faster than I was when I started and I was into my 4th mile. I felt no fatigue and I couldnt even tell you what song was playing on my phone, I just kept thinking what are the chances that I pick a random house and they let me use there restroom. Finally I made it to the final half mile stretch and I could see my car and how I wished I was driving it as I would of been home by that point. The last block seemed like a million miles and I was sure I was going to make a mess of things on the street....

I MADE IT HOME and avoided any issues or life scaring events and well the rest of my day went just great. :)

So please remember to use the restroom before going on such a long trek and make sure you can make it back without complications. I did get a good work out with the weights and I continue to see the improvements in my lifts so that is really encouraging. Getting into a gym will be one the of the first things I do whenever my financial issues get resolved and I will be better for it. 

Gonna do some more job hunting online tonight before bed, one great thing I have been doing is going to bed earlier than normal. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day so I will continue to do that from here on out. 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Day Forty Seven

"Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good."
~Mr. Feeny
This was the best Monday I have had in almost a month, I feel good and had an overall productive day. I've been feeling a lot better and I will to continue to feel that way and do everything I can to improve the feeling. Keeping my mind focused and my overall energy positive has been difficult but by not complaining and not making up excuses I see myself overcoming. I see value in struggles and setbacks, they can offer a person an avenue to get stronger and smarter which is what I want. I never want to struggle in vein and I always want everything in my life to be measurable in some type of way. Being happy is all good but being productive while happy is an achievement that I have struggled to claim do to my complacency. So I focus on the now while dreaming of my future and building a firm foundation for me to achieve that future and then some. I definitely believe in myself, I dream, and I never settle for less than good and even great in some areas. For those who dont know who Mr. Feeny is, he is the guiding light in a show that helped shape my youth called Boy Meets World. The show was created by Michael Jacobs and stars Ben Savage as the main character Cory Matthews with the amazing William Daniels playing the unforgettable role of Mr. Feeny. If you have not seen please do yourself the favor and check it out, the cast spectacular and the stories hit home and can be understood and appreciated by all. I have had to dig deep these last few weeks and this show and the memories I have from it have helped me out tremendously. 
My day's work out consisted of two 4 mile walks and a few weight lifting sessions that again left me with noodles for arms. I kept a strong pace during my walks and pushed myself to finish strong and it left me out of breathe and feeling good. The weight lifting is getting a bit harder as my arms continue to get more sore but I am getting through the lifting and I see the positive gains that I am making. I had very little down time today as I spent a good while prepping food for the week and then working out so the  day went by pretty quick. I was happy to prep the vegetables I planned on using for the week because I know I will have a down day so having the food ready is an obstacle I dont have to deal with. When I say prepared I means chopping up my vegetables in the cuts I need for the food I plan on making. Since this week is consisting of just Fish with vegetables for lunch and a salad for dinner the cuts where pretty much the same so that was easy. I have gotten pretty rusty with my knife skills which is something I plan to improve on, if I learned anything in my time at culinary school it was how to cut and I paid a lot for that. I hope to go with my mom and get my knife set back from her storage but I have a feeling it will be a pretty long dig to try and find them in that mess. 
Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Talapia w/ Vegetable Medly
Dinner: Cobb Salad
Tomorrow should be similar to today as I have no errands to run or anything to throw me off my game and I am really happy for that. My goal is to lose 10lbs this week so I will have to spend all my free time moving and being active if I want to even come close to my goal let alone surpass it. 
Oh and I ended up losing 2lbs last week which is awesome because last week sucked and I was nervous that I was actually going to gain. So now I sit at 275lbs and if all goes to plan I will be in the mid 260lbs by next Monday which is just closer to the goal of 230lbs. 

Looks like I will get an early sleep today, that is always nice and welcomed! 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day Forty Six


I always look forward to Sundays but now that The NFL is back and I am in two great Fantasy Leagues I am really looking forward to Sundays. I spent the day watching Football and lifting weights in between which was cool. I finally did 3 sets of 25 reps which is part of the spartan training and that made me feel really good. I lifted a lot more today and intended on going swimming but we got hit with some nasty rain out of no where which put an end to any thoughts of swimming. I did have to run around in the rain to get my dog Brett taken care of which was loads of fun, he knew the drill and was tucked away from the rain. Me and that dog are very in sink, he knows when I really need him to do something and does it with out fail. I look forward to getting my own place so I can have back in the house hanging out with me like the good ole days. The weight lifting has left me pretty sore but it was great to get my reps in today since I was really sore but I pushed through it. My sister was out there during my last lift and she got some reps in which really surprised my, I guess picking up her kids as often as she does really payed off.  I focused on doing work on the bench and with the curling bar, I see the improvement and feel a lot more stronger. 

Tomorrow morning I will get my 8 miles down pretty early I hope, it has been pretty hot so I will try and get up and going by about 7am. That way I can be done with everything as close to 10am as possible to avoid the heat and crazy weather. I feel really good about this week and I think this is the week where I conquer the mighty challenge of 50 miles. My feet feel really good and I know not to push myself and do any stupid 20 mile days anymore since I am working with subpar shoes now. I am having some money come in tomorrow so I will be getting some knew kicks which will help the cause. My other financial issues seem to be on their way to be resolved so that is always good simply because it will allow me to move on to the next chapter in my life. Being able to get into a gym, purchase better fitting work out clothing and just being able to pay my bills will take so much off my back and  I cant wait for that feeling to arrive. 

Brunch was a vegetable stir fry with bits of ham and bacon in it with some beans and 2 fried eggs. For dinner I had some Green Posole which had loads of vegetables in it and was really really good. I did well again with my diet and I had a Chocolate Atkins Bar which was sent to me as a sample and I absolutely loved it and will be picking up some more soon. This up coming week meals will be based on Fish and salads with some Fruits as a snack. I plan on hitting this week super hard as my target weight loss will be 10lbs. I have not lost that much weight in a very long time so it will take a lot to get there but I am ready.

I feel good.... #NeverSettle

"If you let peoples perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person."
~Mr. Feeny

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day Forty Five

Its was almost 100 Degrees out side for the majority of the day!

The weather has been pretty weird these last few days, one day its a nice fresh day with and over cast and then the next its clear and almost 100 Degrees. This has made it a bit harder to stay consistent but I have been finding different ways to get a work out in. The last few days have been spent weight lifting which I normally love but I am in the soreness stage right now and it sucks. I hate it because with the soreness I cant lift nearly as much as I am used to but I know its part of how the whole muscle building system works. I just have to stay on it and it will work out for me in the long run, I just have to get used to the noodle arm feeling for a bit. While I was at the airport I did a little reading and saw a new way to build muscle. Its called The Spartan System and the way it works is you do 3 reps of 25 with weight you can manage and oh boy do you feel the burn. I am still struggling on the last rep but for the most part I am getting it done and feeling pretty good for it. I did ask my sister if I could use a bike but first I have to buy some parts for it to get it in proper order, not to pricey but it will have to wait a week or two. 

I cant wait for Monday, I am going to go after the 50 mile goal that has evaded me for the last few weeks and finally get it out of my system. Instead of doing any 20 miles day I just plan to do 8 miles a day while soaking my feet often in a mix that Mrs. Posada told me about and just get it done. On top of that I will continue my weight training and just get a nice week under my belt since these last 2 weeks have not been what I am used to. I do not expect to have a great loss this week but I do think I will drop a pound or two since I have been eating well and I did get some work outs in. Another reason I am excited for tomorrow is because I bought some fish which is what my dinner will consist of and for lunch I will have a salad. Finally a meal plan that I can buy into and look forward to. Some one had sent me some info on AdvoCare which is a weight loss system that consist of a 25 day challnge that I am thinking of trying out. The kit is almost $200 so it may be a few weeks but I like the idea of cleansing my body, that is one thing I have not done yet. I am sure I am filled with toxins and what not so it will be nice to get cleaned out and continue my journey. One thing that I have left out is the vitamin and suppliment aspect that people tend to use when trying to lose weight but I have done my research so I think I am ready for that step. 

For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and then I went out shopping with my mom to pick up some supplies for dinner. When we returned we made some Soy Chorizo and Eggs which was amazing and then she prepared a Sea Food Soup that we all enjoyed for dinner. So over all my meals for the day where great and I really enjoyed the soup, have not had that in a very long time. 

The internet was out for the majority of the day so I did nore reading and working out and I watched a movie. I have not watched one of my Blu rays in a very long time so it was cool, I ended up choosing to watch Sky Fall which is the most recent James Bonds movie and I loved it. The only sad thing was that they killed off Judy Dentch who has served as M since 1995 but they did pass the role on to Ralph Fienes which is cool, I am a fan of his. The movie was full of action and I have to admit that Daniel Craig is my absolute favorite Bond with Sean Connery right behind him. I hope to be in a movie that comes from such a classic and beloved franchise like James Bond. 

I plan on getting up early tomorrow to get a nice 4 mile walk in and I will do some more weight lifting and like always will hope to continue the progress during my Monday Morning Weight In. 


“To me, a real hero is someone who does the right thing when the right thing is not the easy thing to do.”

~Mr. Feeny

Day Forty Four

Super long day, spent most of it in traffic and at the airport picking my mom up. Didnt get much excessive done outside of the walking I did while at the airport. By the time I got home I was so tired I passed out with my shoes on. I did pretty well with my eating considering last time I went to the airport I had a horrible day of fast food. I had a granola bar and coffee for breakfast and skipped lunch and went to a buffet for dinner. I are more Sushi than anything else which I enjoyed a lot and sampled a very little of the desert, really I took a small bite and that was it. There was a lot of seafood that I sampled in addition to anything protein that they had. Didnt get any rice or chow main which kinda hurt and had an regular ice tea for my drink. As I type this I am a little hungry but I am going to sleep here i a few so that wont be a problem.

Not much to really report, gonna see if my sister will let me barrow a bike for tomorrow, if not I will do my best to get 10 miles in of walking.

Im really tired.....Good Night!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day Forty Three

Green Bay Packers Lose

Due to the Packers losing my day did not end to well but I will get over that since the season just started and the loss was to the Defending Champions Seattle Seahawks. 

I was up and on my first walk of the day by 7am which was nice, it was really cool outside with an overcast and I blew through the walk. The side walk was a little cluttered due to school starting a week or so ago, seeing the families and kids walking to school reminded me of when I was younger. For whatever reason we always lived far from where I was attending school and because my mom was always working I had to walk whatever distance. I kinda enjoyed it outside of the day where the weather made it miserable to walk the streets. When I got home I had a raspberry Greek yogurt and some granola and ended up falling asleep shortly there after. I was up again for another walk at about 10am and this one was a bit more difficult, my feet starting feeling a bit raw and my hip hurt. I think I may have just slept wrong on my hip but the feet issue reminded me of what happened the week before. So after I got home and in total had completed 8 miles on the day I soaked my feet and called it a day as far as walking went. I really need to upgrade my shoes, I have put over 200 miles of walking in them which according to Mrs. Posada is enough to merit a new pair. I will do some research and figure out a way to get my work outs done in the mean time with out doing to much walking. 

Maybe I will ask my sister if I can borrow one of the mountain bikes they have and give that a go, I will be able to double the distance I travel and for sure burn more calories. Whatever I chose to do I doesnt matter as long as it works and I get the working results. My financial situation makes harder to make moves because I am always on a budget but I know I will make it work, I always do. Anyways after my second 4 mile walk I was really hungry so I decided to make a super vegetable sandwich. I had a little ham with a good helping of tomato, bell pepper, avocado, lettuce, onion, on wheat bread with a little mayo. I dont know if its because I have not had a sandwich in such a long time or if its because I did such a good job seasoning each vegetable but I absolutely loved how it tasted. I stuck with the vegetable idea for dinner too, I sauteed some peppers and onion and grilled a piece of ham and placed it on a slice of wheat bread. I placed a slice of cheese on it and then fried 2 eggs and added sliced of season tomatoes to it. I really enjoyed both my Lunch and Dinner and really feel like I am embracing the idea of keeping the vegetable portions heavy in my meals. 

Tomorrow I get to go pick my mom up so my work out schedule will be messed up a bit but I will still get in about 8 miles of walking before the day is over. I really want to do a minimum of 8 miles per day for the rest of the week so I can at least keep my conditioning up. After 8 miles today I was so sore and that has not happened in over a month so I know taking those days off really affected me. Staying consistent on my diet is the saving grace and I know that my weigh in on monday wont be great but it wont be horrible as I know I will still lose a few pounds. Again I am having to remind myself that this is a journey and not a race so over coming and maintaining is just as important as actually dropping the weight. I want this to become a way of living for me as apposed to something I did when I didnt have a job and was recovering from leaving a place I called home for the last 10 years. I see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as my struggles go so I need consistency more than ever right now because when things get good again I dont want to lose grip on what I have right now.

I was tweeting during the game and State Farm Favorited one of my Tweets, I had used the #DiscountDoubleCheck in it and they like it. Stuff like that really makes my day, I stared at the screen for like 10 minutes with a smile. I am not to big on having to be recognized but I do its really cool when it happens with something you had not intended on being recognized. I may have to switch insurance companies now....lol!

Well I am off to bed and hope for another good day tomorrow, The Packers losing really sucks but like I said before, its only the 1st game of a very long season.I believe in My Packers and thats what will get me though this, that and watching the highlights of our Super Bowl Win in 2011. 

#NeverSettle & Always Remember To #‎BeANiceHuman‬

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day Forty Two


Outside of the good news about Garth finally putting out a new country song on the radio I can honestly say that his not been to good of a day. I woke up a little later than planned and then got a phone call that really messed my day up. I dont want to go into to much details but again I am in a waiting game regarding my unemployment and I just dont like that. After the phone call I had to go run some errands that pertained to the phone call and that took a few hours to get done. By the time I got home it was 1pm and I had not eaten anything the entire day. I guess another good thing was that when I was done with my errands I had it in my mind that I was going to get some fast food. I was so sure that I was going to binge eat my emotions away and love every minute of it. I even pulled into a few places but every time I talked myself out of it. It got harder and harder as I drove home and I really didnt think I could do it but I managed to get home with an empty belly and no fast food in sight. To me that was the win of the day. I did have a vegi full burito though when I got home, it was essentially the salad I had yesterday but just in a small tortilla with a lot more vegetables I went really heavy with the vegetables because I knew that if things got worse in the day and I was hungry I would end up at jack in the box in a hot second. For dinner I had a smaller salad with some thick cut ham and that was enough to hold me over for the day. I tried out a new sparkling drink with no carbs or sugar and I just hate it. It is sitting next to me as I type this and the smell alone makes me not want to try another sip. Drinks like these are good, they make me really miss water. 

It is 8:30pm right now and this is one of the earliest blog writing sessions I have ever had and for good reason, I have to get some good sleep so I can be up at 6am to start my day off right. I didnt fall asleep yesterday until after midnight and I payed for it in the morning so I will not make that mistake again. These days off have really thrown me off track and I have to fix this asap so I dont love momentum or anymore at least. 

Click the link above to listen to the new Garth Brooks song, I really like it because of the positive message and god knows we need as much positive energy in this world as we can get. I have always loved his music and I hope he can fill the void left by the departure of Brooks and Dunn and of course of the newly retired George Straight. Here is my other favorite Garth Brooks Song:

Tomorrow will be a better day and then the next will be amazing because I go and pick my mom up at the airport, It hasn't even been a week but I really do miss her. During the week I only get a short time to talk to her because she gets home late but I enjoy every minute of it so it will be awesome to have her home.

I am not going to commit to anything other than tomorrow being a better and that alone will get me the results I need. Sometimes I get caught up in being perfect and that is a very slippery slope so I am going to make the necessary adjustments and continue to push to just be....better.

#NeverSettle #BeBetter #WeShallBeFree #PeopleLovingPeople 

****Oh and The Packers Play Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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