Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day Seventy Five

Monday Weigh In: 265lbs

So I lost 2lbs this past week which is less than what I thought it would be but enough to get me beyond my half way point. I have lost 37.5lbs which is more than I ever thought I could have done and I fully believe that I can make it to my goal of 230lbs. I took a day off today but the rest of this week will be one full of sweat and hard work. These are my last few free days because of I start work on Monday which is awesome. Not everything fell into place like I needed it to but I will work through it and know that I am blessed for the good things that happened. The set backs I go through both mentally and physically conditioning me to be better so not having them in my life is not much of an option. I did get to the blog pretty late today so I will have to make up for it tomorrow. 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day Seventy Four

I needed this great week so bad and I am very happy that it went as well as it did. Even though not everything that I have been waiting for was settled I was still happy with the amount of positive results. Weeks like these make the hard ones a bit more bearable since in the back of my mind I know that they will pass and that I will have amazing weeks soon enough. The Angels where swept out of the playoffs but I can deal with that since I know they will come back stronger next season. I have noticed that my perspective has gotten a lot more positive and I hope that I continue in that direction. I was a bit negative the last month or so but I was proud of myself for staying strong on and not giving up. I new this new chapter in my life was going to be difficult and trust me it was that and then some. I knew I would have weak moments and that reflecting on the past or things out of my control would work against me. I did my best to keep my eyes on the prize which just a shot to make it in LA to prove to myself that I am capable of chasing my dreams. I though that getting this full time well paying job would end the chase but really what it did was give me a foundation. I expect to be really busy right out of the shoot but I have a great supportive family and loving friends that will be along for the ride. So many new adventures await me and that is exactly what I wanted and now with a little more hard work I will be able to have it all.

I completed 6 miles today which left me at 52 Miles completed and that my friends is a NEW PERSONAL BEST!

Monday - 10 Miles
Tuesday - 10 Miles
Wednesday - 10 Miles
Thursday - 10 Miles
Friday - Zero Miles
Saturday - 6 Miles
Sunday 6 Miles

I wanted to get a lot closer to 60 than I did but I was very happy the result I created and I have this up coming week to reach 60 miles before I start work the following Monday. I am going to give myself a week or so to get adjust to work and most likely my new location but then I will sign up for the Gold's Gym right across the street from my work. I looked it up and it has everything I need so hitting that place up after work will be great for me and will for sure save me on gas. I look forward to doing a lot more home cooking outside of what I nrormally cook right now. The idea of having my dog back inside is awesome, I just hope he didnt regress from how great he was doing after I potty trained him. Either way I plan on getting him a nice kennel for him to stay in while I am at work. Still my Unemployment issue will dictate what my funds are but I have nothing but positive thoughts about that and just hope I get an answer very early into the week.

I feel really great going into tomorrow weigh in and I am sure I will lose sleep over it like I normally do.

Life Is Great....#NeverSettle

I went out to dinner to celebrate my Oldest Sister Bday which was awesome and we took some pictures:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day Seventy Three

46 Miles Have Been Completed

The combination of Saturday, The Heat, and doing some last minute nephew sitting didnt give me to much of a chance to get to 50 Miles today but I was able to get to 46 and tomorrow morning I will knock out a 4 mile walk. Then I will do my best to push hard the remainder of the day in anticipation for my  weigh in on Monday. This has been a really good week with a lot of positive moments in it. I really hope it carries over to next week, I need another positive week. Everything has fallen into place nicely and I just have a few things hanging over my head that I need resolved. 

My first 4 mile walk came at about noon, and it was really hot to the point that my frozen water bottle became unfrozen rather quickly. It didnt kick my but to much but I did feel the heat and I was drenched by the time I got home. I wanted to knock out another 4 mile shortly after but the heat rose and I was just not feeling it. When it did cool down I had already agreed to stay with my nephew so instead of going for a 4 mile walk I decided to go on a 2 mile walk which put me at 6 miles for the day. It got dark quickly and that left me with no time to get anymore walking but I was ok with getting in what I did and ending a few miles short of 50 Miles. We are going to take my oldest sister out to dinner so I may not get to far past 50 miles but I know I will get in a few miles past it for sure. I feel really good when I am walking and I hope to get down to 250lbs soon and maybe give jogging another chance. 

So tomorrow will be a great end of the week and next week will hopefully be better and I will get the results that will put the final pieces of the puzzle together. 

Life Is Good.... #NeverSettle

Friday, October 3, 2014

Day Seventy Two

I spend the entire day in LA getting some stuff done for my new employer and also visiting with one of my most favorite people ever. I didnt get any walking done so I am still at 40 miles but I have not doubt that I will get to 50 Miles by the end of tomorrow and then I will try and get as close to 60 miles on Sunday. I feel great and I am keeping a positive outlook on things that I need resolved but dont have any control over. So far everything has worked itself out so I have no reason to believe that the rest will fall into place. On the drive home I got to speak to Scott who is pretty much my brother from another mother and that is always nice, I miss him and his family so talking to him always brightens up my day. Overall the day went well outside of the lack of working out but I will make up for that tomorrow. Its late and I am tired, so this one will be a short one....Goodnight!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day Seventy One

Another great day in the books, I was able to get my walking out of the way early enough to enjoy The Green Bay Packers blowout win over The Minnesota Vikings. Anytime The Packers Win it puts me in a great mood so giving the fact that I am have still been up in my head over things I cannot control it was nice to have this nice distraction. Now the Anaheim Angels are in extra innings in the fist game of The ALDS so that has me distracted too, I had to shut it off so I could write tonight since I couldn't think with it on. I have been a sports junkie ever since my early teens and I have been extremely loyal to The Packers, The Angels, and The Lakers ever since. As a fan I have fortunate enough to witness all three of these franchises Win Championships so that has been really rewarding. I hope to see more of these games now that I am in LA as far as the Angels and Lakers go and I hope to see a Live Packers game in Wisconsin before I am 30 years old. Should I get my Unemployment I do plan on seeing a Angels Playoff game but thats only once I get all my finances settled and I move into my new place.

My morning walk was fine, I was able to get going without to much trouble and like normal it was done rather quickly. I didn't sleep to well last night so I was pretty tired once I got back and I tried to fight off the sleep but I ended up knocking out rather quickly. I woke up around 1pm which was not cool because I missed my usual noon lunch and I wanted to be well on my way for my second walk no later than 1pm. So I got ready and headed out as fast as I could so I could stay within the schedule I have been using this week. One thing I did not think about was the fact that I ate fruit for breakfast at around 8pm and that was all I had eaten during the day. The first mile went by fine but when I got thirsty during the second mile I took a good sized drink of water and the moment it hit my stomach I felt the urge to throw up. I had to stop and compose myself for a few minutes and it took everything I had to fight my body to not throw up. Thankfully after a few minutes I began to feel better and was back on my way, by the time I hit the 3rd mile I was over the feeling but I was a bit gun shy in regards to my water. To top it off I had left the house knowing that I had to use the restroom so I was fighting that urge as well. I tried to go use a restroom at the only place that has one on my route but it was out of order. I toughed it out and kept on pushing and thankfully did not have an incident like a month or so ago where I feared that I was going to go potty in my shorts. Since I had so much to think about I feel that my 2 walk was a bit faster than my 1st which was new and rally needed.

Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Pita Sandwhich
Dinner - Soy Chorizo and Eggs

I finished my walking with a nice 2 mile walk with my puppy Brett and my Nephew Nick, I really enjoy when I have my nephew on these walks. He is such a great conversation starter and he always finds a conversation that includes both what he likes and what I like. He and I have similar interest which is always cool, and I just love his perspective and how he is a sponge when it comes to knowledge. The last time I lived with my sister the hardest part when I moved was not seeing Nick on a daily basis. Now I will be moving again and it hard enough not being around my sister Mayra who has always looked out for me and of course the twins but I will have to not see my Mom an Nick on a daily basis....its going to be hard. I have some plans in place so I could see them all considering that I will only be about slightly over an hour away. With this new job I will have my weekends free and thats when my mom, sister and her family are always free so I dont intend on becoming a stranger once I leave. There is so much to do in LA that they have not scene so me being out there will allow me to visit with them and make it worth there wild. I love my family so much and it was because of them that I was able to get over the move I made when I left Nevada and came back homr to California.

I have to head into LA tomorrow and visit with the ICDC College HR and get my paperwork filled out, I look forward to it. I plan on going to see a few places I am considering living and I hope they have units availble at the price I saw listed online. I will try and get some walking in tomorrow so that I could not only get to 50 miles on Saturday but also surpass it and set a new record. If I have it my way I will get to 60 miles by Sunday and that will be amazing. I really am looking forward to my weigh in on Monday!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day Seventy

Another productive day, I was able to get my 10 miles done fairly early and my dog joined me for the last two miles. I am still hating the early wake up call but I feel better overall, not being achy at night has really helped me sleep. That makes it 30 miles completed and I should knock out 10 miles tomorrow before I have to go into LA and fill out some paperwork for HR. I am happy to finally be employed again and I look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead of me. Having a Gold's Gym across the street from the gym is a huge plus, I will be able to get out of work and go right into a good work out. I have found some apartments near my work that would also leave me only about 15 minutes from the beach so that is great. I do plan on getting closer to the beach than that but I will have to find a roommate first so thats something to keep in mind. The area that I am looking into seems like a great fit and I should be able to get a 1 Bed Room instead of the Studio I though I was going to end up with. LA is so damn expensive but it will be nice to have my own place again and it will be even better having my dog back in the house. He has been loving the walks that he has gone on the last few days so that is something I am going to have to add to my schedule. My weeks are going to be pretty packed but it will all be worth it in the long haul. Another great perk will be being closer to Trina, she is by far one of my most favorite people in the world and seeing her on a regular basis is going to be awesome.

I have done really well with my diet and the amount of calories I am taking in, having the right food available makes a HUGE difference. I noticed that the more I tried to just wing ended up with me being hungry and wanting a quick fix. Its like I cant think straight if my hunger hits before I actually have my meals planned. Also I have scene great results from the fruits I eat during breakfast and sometimes for snacks, the energy kick is always there. I am still having my bigger meal at dinner but I am not eating later then 6pm and really the meals are no more bigger than what I eat for lunch most times. I used to eat small for dinner but when I stopped eating after 6pm I noticed myself getting really hunger at about 10pm and that didnt help me trying to get to sleep at all. I dont always snack due to my meals being pretty balanced, sometimes I do come out short calorie wise so then I will eat a banana or some grapes. I am keeping my carbs pretty low since that has helped me lose a good amount a weight weekly in the past. Once I get to Culver City I am Gym bound and I'm pretty sure that I will get a personal trainer to get me going and point me in the right direction. I know that I have the walking and dieting down but its been awhile since I hit a real gym so I will need some guidance. Burning fat is the number 1 goal but here pretty soon I will get into the body sculpting portion of my journey and I really want to get that right the first time around. A personal trainer will also help me not understand leg days and also hopefully help me not skip those horrible days.

Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Fajitas
Dinner: Navajo Taco (Pita Bread/Fajitas/Salad)

Still waiting of my Unemployment stuff to come trough, I am getting nervous and trying to come up with a plan be is getting pretty difficult. I am going to stay positive and just expect for the best while preparing for a more difficult situation without freaking out.


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