Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day Seventy Five

Monday Weigh In: 265lbs

So I lost 2lbs this past week which is less than what I thought it would be but enough to get me beyond my half way point. I have lost 37.5lbs which is more than I ever thought I could have done and I fully believe that I can make it to my goal of 230lbs. I took a day off today but the rest of this week will be one full of sweat and hard work. These are my last few free days because of I start work on Monday which is awesome. Not everything fell into place like I needed it to but I will work through it and know that I am blessed for the good things that happened. The set backs I go through both mentally and physically conditioning me to be better so not having them in my life is not much of an option. I did get to the blog pretty late today so I will have to make up for it tomorrow. 


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  1. Hey, Mr. Pico! I don't know if my last comment posted or not, but anyway, how's it going for you these days? How's the new job? Have you moved yet? How's the journey towards weightloss and fitness going? Your loyal readers look forward to your next post! Best wishes, Miss Lana


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