Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day Seventy Four

I needed this great week so bad and I am very happy that it went as well as it did. Even though not everything that I have been waiting for was settled I was still happy with the amount of positive results. Weeks like these make the hard ones a bit more bearable since in the back of my mind I know that they will pass and that I will have amazing weeks soon enough. The Angels where swept out of the playoffs but I can deal with that since I know they will come back stronger next season. I have noticed that my perspective has gotten a lot more positive and I hope that I continue in that direction. I was a bit negative the last month or so but I was proud of myself for staying strong on and not giving up. I new this new chapter in my life was going to be difficult and trust me it was that and then some. I knew I would have weak moments and that reflecting on the past or things out of my control would work against me. I did my best to keep my eyes on the prize which just a shot to make it in LA to prove to myself that I am capable of chasing my dreams. I though that getting this full time well paying job would end the chase but really what it did was give me a foundation. I expect to be really busy right out of the shoot but I have a great supportive family and loving friends that will be along for the ride. So many new adventures await me and that is exactly what I wanted and now with a little more hard work I will be able to have it all.

I completed 6 miles today which left me at 52 Miles completed and that my friends is a NEW PERSONAL BEST!

Monday - 10 Miles
Tuesday - 10 Miles
Wednesday - 10 Miles
Thursday - 10 Miles
Friday - Zero Miles
Saturday - 6 Miles
Sunday 6 Miles

I wanted to get a lot closer to 60 than I did but I was very happy the result I created and I have this up coming week to reach 60 miles before I start work the following Monday. I am going to give myself a week or so to get adjust to work and most likely my new location but then I will sign up for the Gold's Gym right across the street from my work. I looked it up and it has everything I need so hitting that place up after work will be great for me and will for sure save me on gas. I look forward to doing a lot more home cooking outside of what I nrormally cook right now. The idea of having my dog back inside is awesome, I just hope he didnt regress from how great he was doing after I potty trained him. Either way I plan on getting him a nice kennel for him to stay in while I am at work. Still my Unemployment issue will dictate what my funds are but I have nothing but positive thoughts about that and just hope I get an answer very early into the week.

I feel really great going into tomorrow weigh in and I am sure I will lose sleep over it like I normally do.

Life Is Great....#NeverSettle

I went out to dinner to celebrate my Oldest Sister Bday which was awesome and we took some pictures:

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