Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day Seventy Three

46 Miles Have Been Completed

The combination of Saturday, The Heat, and doing some last minute nephew sitting didnt give me to much of a chance to get to 50 Miles today but I was able to get to 46 and tomorrow morning I will knock out a 4 mile walk. Then I will do my best to push hard the remainder of the day in anticipation for my  weigh in on Monday. This has been a really good week with a lot of positive moments in it. I really hope it carries over to next week, I need another positive week. Everything has fallen into place nicely and I just have a few things hanging over my head that I need resolved. 

My first 4 mile walk came at about noon, and it was really hot to the point that my frozen water bottle became unfrozen rather quickly. It didnt kick my but to much but I did feel the heat and I was drenched by the time I got home. I wanted to knock out another 4 mile shortly after but the heat rose and I was just not feeling it. When it did cool down I had already agreed to stay with my nephew so instead of going for a 4 mile walk I decided to go on a 2 mile walk which put me at 6 miles for the day. It got dark quickly and that left me with no time to get anymore walking but I was ok with getting in what I did and ending a few miles short of 50 Miles. We are going to take my oldest sister out to dinner so I may not get to far past 50 miles but I know I will get in a few miles past it for sure. I feel really good when I am walking and I hope to get down to 250lbs soon and maybe give jogging another chance. 

So tomorrow will be a great end of the week and next week will hopefully be better and I will get the results that will put the final pieces of the puzzle together. 

Life Is Good.... #NeverSettle

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