Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A New Beginning: Day 2

Day 2 was so much harder than Day 1....

Getting out of bed was a challenge and thankfully I made it through and got a great workout in before work. My day at work was long but productive with some laughs and conversations in between. I really like the people that I teamed with and same goes for everyone else I work with really. I feel like I have a strong grasp of what I am doing which will allow me to focus on my work outs when I am not at work. These last three weeks off where worth it and I am happy that I am in a position to get back in the grind and in a big way. I ate some Ground Turkey with vegetables for lunch and then some egg with salsa for dinner and then fruit throughout the day. My morning always consist of Fruit and my cup of coffee. I am getting the portions better and I am not as hungry throughout the day which has made life a lot more bearable. I hate being hungry!

I hit the Gym before coming home and the highlight was my 12 minute mile which I jogged in its entirety. I have not something like that since very early High School so I was really stoked about it and cant wait to better that time. I will finish this week doing just Cardio before hitting the weights next week. I will either do weights in the morning and cardio at night starting next week or vice versa, I'll figure it out.

I am bout to fall asleep....

#NeverSettle #GoodNight

Monday, November 3, 2014

A New Beginning: Day 1

It has been way to long....

I'll give you the quick version of what I have been up too, I didnt just give up and go on a 3+ week Binge or anything. I am now employed and loving it, my move to LA was pushed back but the job began which means I am driving to and from LA which is about a 5 Hour Round Trip daily. Dont feel too bad for me because first of all I am blessed to be working and secondly I work with some of the most amazing, dedicated, and genuine people. I know I have only known them for a few weeks but I have scene them in action and they are the real deal. The company is like any other in the sense that they have their ups and downs but I like it and the people directly in charge of me are those I choose to follow which is a huge thing for me. Overall the work is time consuming and if done right will make a difference in someones life which is all I have ever wanted to do. My current schedule has me working from 10am-7pm M-Th and then 9am-6pm F and it pretty much dominates my day once you factor in the drive. I wouldn't change it though, my Associate Director and I where talking about it today and we came to the conclusion that this is all just conditioning and will just build character and make it that much more enjoyable once I move closer.

I had done almost zero working out or walking since the last time I wrote and I felt horrible for it. To top it off I went from 265lbs back up to 271lbs and that nearly broke my spirit. This morning I weighed in at 267lbs after a week of hard dieting which put me close enough to my desired weight to being the next chapter of me Dropping The Weight. 

Gold's Gym in Culver City, Ca is now my home and today I started my two a day routine that I will push myself through for the month of November. It will be hard and trying but I know I can do it and after missing out on almost a month of weight loss I am willing to work through any hurdles that may come up. I hit the gym in the AM before work and then in the PM right after work and do my best to get home as close to 9pm so I can take care of my best buddy Brett, shower, get ready for tomorrow, and BLOG! I will do nothing but Cardio this week in efforts to get below my previous all time low of 265lbs just so I can feel better about starting the gym above that weight. I do have to say I impressed myself today, I did 5 miles on the bike in the AM and then for the first time in many many years I actually jogged an entire mile!!! I even finished the last 2 minutes in a full sprint which was just epic and I felt AMAZING!

I am damn tired and I am sure my Blog Post from here on out will be short for the most part but I will try to blog throughout the day maybe to help out with that.

I am happy to be back and Thank you all who still showed their support while I went MIA....It really means the world to me.


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